(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

recently, U home works founder Nick told cloud network exclusive hunting, U home works completed almost never an angel round, led by the Shanghai investment institutions.

the founder of the talented capricious since graduated from university and worked for ali, 08 rapid promotion will be two years later, then resigned to shenzhen business, development of B2B products raindrops, launched in a short period of time has won millions of downloads and profitable. After deliberation, Nick decided to end in the Internet industry status, return to ground under the traditional industry, construction site, engineering. Because the parents do furniture business for many years, combined with their own research, Nick is very understand the costume market, these experiences are setting the stage for the guzheng established U home workshop.

Nick to hunt cloud network, said U home works to do home improvement service transition, actually decorate does metope, ground, end face, plus kitchen, bathroom, these things can completely standardized, for the user’s individualized demand, give plenty of choice, we call it the concept of “1 + n” + n – 1 a standardized product personalization options.

now, U home works to decorate cycle orientation 45 days, included in the soft and hard outfit with time, the price was 999 yuan/㎡, according to the measured within the set of area valuation, safeguard consumer can be expected. Furniture comes from the ability to produce high quality products manufacturer in Shanghai, not blindly reduce costs of chengdu local manufacturers; Decorate a style is divided into northern wind, light, and American contemporary and contracted three categories, and USES the 3 d rendering technology + VR glasses rendering, designers free drag 3 d furniture models in the system, can present a 360 – degree panoramic hd rendering. + VR glasses in addition to the 3 d rendering technology, equipped with hard outfit display wall, for users concerned about the problem of the material and effect of sweep code can see 3 d effect, protection effect can be expected.

U home factory is a research and development team, plan based on HTML 5 micro letter service platform development, convenient for users to track cut point problem in the process of construction, to reduce the trouble at the same time, don’t deprive user participation of power.

on the promotion strategy, Nick said that baidu advertising platforms such as soil and rabbit we do not consider, and do not push, because both advertising and push, cost finally still have to pay by the user, once get the user’s cost is too high, the user will not be able to get the real benefits. We compare the value of precipitation can be formed social media, like micro letter, weibo, or even douban, and so on. In addition, don’t rely on the capital to promote price competition for market rapidly, but by the user experience accumulated reputation, I believe that a company’s vitality and it is proportional to the growth period, once the product and the service was not well done, bad word of mouth than good word of mouth travels fast.

mode of operation for Internet home outfit, Nick has its own understanding: I don’t think don’t make money, decorate by the practice of intelligent household or domestic service to make money, this approach is similar to in order to sell the mouse to sell computers, can decorate is entrance, but it must not intelligent household of this kind of light consumption, but in the hard and soft outfit. Internet home decoration pattern exists, but the home market is enough big, time is long, mode, there is no superiority, Internet competing domestic outfit is the ability to execute.

in the personnel structure, the traditional decoration company’s designer and master were both sales responsibilities, and we have a concept – cancel the existence of the sales staff, let stylist regression design, let the foreman to return to the construction. Butler focuses on process follow up, the designer only focus on design, master decorate only focus on quality, the advantage is that we demand for interdisciplinary talents is reduced, once the dependence on people down, then make it standardized services.

Nick convective cloud network said, how the Internet home make a pretense of fun, low cost, and intellectualization, has always been the idea of our team. In June this year, in fact, we are in the circle of friends by “U star people to recruit” activities, specifically recruiting some virgo and Capricorn seed users, these seeds user growth are of great help to us, let we found problems, understand the needs of users.

on the user experience, Li Shuaiyou a fun idea, in the chengdu area laid hard outfit furniture show net, but in no hurry to seek some have room decorate of users, with fifty percent of the low price for them to decorate, the premise is that these users lend U house home works for display, a year after reshipment and return. Can even do the user code to open the door, independent experience.