(word/Tan Ziling)

ding-dong check-in is a based on wifi + sign in application of mobile phones, is a subsidiary of shandong than information technology co., LTD. Recently, than general manager wang zhiqiang information disclosed to hunt cloud network, ding-dong sign in shandong purple light than in early 2015 and team a total of 2 million individual angel investors.

wang zhiqiang told cloud network hunting, ding-dong sign in senior team from the parent company of shandong purple light than. Team began to develop in 2014 November ding-dong check-in, were published in February 2015. At present, the ding-dong sign-in DAU to 20000.

ding-dong sign in with the client and staff side two ports. Enterprise managers through the management end can see the unit attendance information anytime and anywhere, unit announcement, audit staff leave information, at the same time, can be a key export attendance statistics; Employees can sign in a key, accept an unit announcement, communicate with the unit leadership.

Ding-dong sign in the purpose of the

“we do want to do is a subversion of traditional ways of check on work attendance an entirely new way of check on work attendance, can inspect back office, can inspect field again, very convenient and simple, at that time, our philosophy is to be happy work, happy work attendance record,” said wang zhiqiang. His way is pointed out that the attendance of micro, small and medium enterprises now are more traditional, can not fully reflect the attendance of the whole company, and for field that management has a lot of disadvantages. Based on these pain points, the team set up ding-dong sign in.

with the development of the mobile intelligent terminals, the enterprise demand for mobile office also increased significantly. 2015 mobile office software market competition also begin to enter a climax, focusing on the aspects of vertical mobile office application arises at the historic moment. Ding-dong sign in different from general based on the geographic location of the LBS sign in application, it is not for the employee records of the whole line, but the location of employees to the site, to sign in. At the same time, the team is developing a new router, as long as the employees to the company, even on the company’s wifi, namely can realize check-in, without having to open the App.

on the business model, ding-dong sign in pay attention to word of mouth marketing, fans economy development, its core function is free to use, “ding dong check-ins tens of millions of users, tens of millions of users to shape ding-dong sign in, we need to do dong melon (ding-dong sign in fans name) and the growth of our common witness ding-dong sign in,” said wang zhiqiang.

according to hunt cloud network understands, ding-dong sign in the team is also doing the extension of product, the user USES the ding-dong can put forward to demand after check-in, team for a specific field for the user to make personalized products of the industry.

wang zhiqiang tells hunters cloud network, the company will continue to do a good job in user experience based on the development of project considering the next round of financing.