friends by former leader Fu Cheng an article “startup CEO what to do” refresh, write too good, these dry goods is not in the case of big account check sketch painting can be completed on the table, a line of guns and bloody competition accumulated the precious experience.

Fu Cheng in classic case mentioned is to give up some domestic products, choose to focus on foreign markets quickly, cheetah’s prominent achievements abroad today. He concluded that entrepreneurial nature or elite culture, further back, thinking mode.

a friend L is a well-known business the co-founder of the company, due to the founder and philosophy, he decided to come out to start a business. What to do? One of his initial idea is to do the video version of the encyclopedia of knowledge, to come over to ask my opinion. In this direction, right?

in my understanding, maybe, I understand not to), the knowledge wikipedia is someone gas, can accumulate a lot of traffic. In fact, knowledge of wikipedia domestic entrepreneurship in long ago began, has taken huge investment encyclopedia has quickly established ten years, including later emerged on zhihu, shells, etc. A group of business website. Especially like zhihu, dry inside really many, popular and has many fans in China.

“it’s a pity”, a lot of friends all say, similar sites can be made into a career, but it is hard to can become a business. Interactive encyclopedia had had for so many years, burn a lot of money, and now is difficult to the gem listing. With sentiment but no case of a business model and lots more.

some time ago, cloud network hunting with a ryongyon network long-fei li, his business in just two years has valued more than billion. Consecutive record industry he said, “many App users is very big, why there’s no way to profit, there are tens of millions of DAU, no money to earn, it’s terrible… A friend once said to him: ‘choice is more important than efforts.”

flow for this four word to re-examine the king. If you get traffic is far greater than the cost of the cash flow generated, this is a business failure.

Mr L is people who want to make a lot of money, what he said in the form of video data is medium is different, because need a lot of broadband, and even his traffic acquisition cost higher than written form.

when I tell the reason, L very depressed. For this project as soon as possible, he and his team day and night, has developed for nearly two months. Prior to this, the decision only after much discussion, deduction horse. Can understand, give up their own “child” is how difficult decision to make.

“my youth, my golden hill”, from 22 to 38, lei jun in jinshan dry for 16 years, will be the most beautiful youth to jinshan, he has been the industry comments as a “living fossil” of China’s Internet industry. , after the creation of millet to get great success in his memories of jinshan startup, also unavoidably sigh, and Microsoft against more was holding the idealism. So, he summed up, the famous pig will fly, just had entrepreneurial “will make the fertilizer market.”

actually said is a truth, choice is more important than efforts. Over the hills, but found no one waiting, that smart business, please.

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