note: cloud hunting for entrepreneurs how to Pitch well tell good stories, we have recently launched the “and the” two piece of content, today’s share content from Andy Raskin, he suggested that entrepreneurs do Pitch can draw lessons from the experience of Elon Musk, articles published in the Medium, by heaven and earth will zhuhai rudder to compile. The following for full text:

words three weeks ago, a venture capital firm by multiple quality from San Francisco start-up investment CMO sent me email, and attach her latest sales promotion.

“this attraction is not enough,” she said, “although there is the amount of information. Slide is also very good. But it didn’t always feel powerful tell a compelling story. I hope you can help guide “.

one of my favorite dry is precisely to help these entrepreneurs to crank out such speech pitch -? Including fundraising, marketing, recruitment, so such as pitch. When received the email when it happens that I have other things in the busy, not immediately start to help her more her personally, so I went back to the author of the speech is Zack a link.

clinker after five days, the CMO, send me a message: “Andy, you send our team Zack is what thing? His story better, compared to the original, is a heaven and an underground.”

what I sent Zack links

I sent to Zack is actually not long ago Elon Musk in tesla Powerwall battery demo video (later in this article the link is attached). At the same time in the email also contains a I’m going to share with everyone has been given some of my personal point of view.

overall, Musk presentation skills is not a first-class, in the process you will see that he seemed not very natural, and has been a little edgy. But in the end, all the audience applause for his a battery.

why can have such effect? That’s because the Musk during his speech did have these every one of us do should do five steps of the pitch, not confusion and five steps of this order.

the first step: a common enemy, the uniting

when pitch don’t start too when the actors themselves, the chatter of sell yourself, your team, your product, as well as your market. Instead, you should be more in the beginning the current offends your customers “obstacle” to move out. To show you a picture of can stir up people’s emotional resonance, the world is to make your customer feel the scene of a terrible to let everyone know that which people/things on earth is the only obstacle, and understand why is like this. (heaven and earth will zhuhai rudder note: the following example 1 than the original, but I think the more representative) so when Musk shown above the figure of fossil fuel combustion, Michael Jackson’s song “song of the earth” likely will reverberate in your mind.

step 2: “why to”

– the audience? Especially the investors? Are skeptics. They’ll want to at this time, “everybody living in this kind of situation has been for many years -? Now really need to change?” Musk is pointed out that the current world for everyone is in the key of the rising carbon dioxide emissions caused by environmental pollution, if we still not quick to take action, will only become more and more bad. When Musk said “we do something of this unity is strength”, the audience and the audience Shouting out loud their empathy and support.

the third step: to provide solutions to show the “paradise” before

in the description before the final battery solutions, Musk first moved out of his ideal ever since the world in the pleasure of a version: a “available from the sky” brought by the fusion reactor civilization of energy, called the sun. “Before you say your solution to describe what is the common enemy of natural enemies, something is wrong with this will let the audience faint feeling in my heart, but could not say where – again? As if we tell jokes before artful confused about our audience, before the punchline to Pierce. Once the audience gradually realized that the way you’re going to go, they are likely to get in the car immediately buckle your seat belt with the air with you.

step 4: points out that the implementation of the obstacles, and then tell you how do you solve them

so now you have to share your vision, then you just follow what needs to be done:

list the hurdles to achieve the vision and the

show how will your company/products/services to these difficulties one by one to shoot (the best points out some huge intractable difficulties if too simple everyone can solve, you why want to buy your product?)

Musk pointed out that the solar energy application three difficulties:

collected solar panels in the day and night to power is a far cry from (hence the need to the battery).

a lot of people think these batteries that need to take up the space is too big, but according to the Musk, to replace the existing fossil fuel in the United States, need to put battery takes place is just a Texas that little red dot on the map)

in the market to provide the battery in the following seven work very badly: expensive; Poor reliability; It is hard to together; Life is short; Efficiency is low; Poor scalability; Look ugly.

at this point, Musk Powerwall began on the video of this product, by the audience in fact already in the video of the description of the product are salivating at the thought. Video shows why Powerwall this battery is behaved so good in just that at seven o ‘clock. But everyone should be noted that: the play these beautiful pictures and dramatic music can make people covet the inspiring so, because Musk in had gave everyone a Powerwall is as the savior of mankind is not only a foreshadowing of the battery.

step 5: to provide evidence to prove that you are not an armchair strategist

again: the audience are skeptics. So you must produce evidence to prove that you have just give you describe vision is feasible in reality. Musk is to achieve this by tell you a secret: the current demo site is actually Powerwall to power supply. (in order to confirm this, he showed us the place of the power of the two meters, the meters are not consume any power from the power grid, proved that the now, not with his power grid electricity)

for early start-up companies and products, the demonstration is completely can be used as a powerful evidence, although from early customers even more difficult to persuade, but it is better than nothing you do. Product is to persuade your customer why they need the best testimony to this product.

the last please click here to view the Musk to tesla Powerwall did the release of the demo video.

when we have the needed to make up a convincing story of these key elements, write a good pitch out is not easy!