25 July (word/Zhang Huiqian)

the spoken language has always been a short board in the process of Chinese students learning English, can read can write but not the common fault of the won’t say it’s a lot of people, it is also one of the disadvantages of exam-oriented education. Now more and more people are aware of the problem, in view of the oral training training institutions of various types, site, the application also emerge in endlessly. Toilet English is also the target market, but they said they had not the same style.

English toilet of the two founders was a colleague, a departure after worked in BAT, product experience is very rich, another co-founder of yourself to do the O2O projects, accumulated over the two years of experience in operating. Now their division of labor is also a product, a run. Then decided to business, is to consider to do online education aspects of the project, after investigation, they found that the English class of the App on the market are in human-computer interaction, self-learning function is given priority to, wants to cut from the different point, do a pure make language environment for users of App, English is also a toilet.

the toilet is a social function of spoken English learning applications. Co-founder xiao-ming yi tell hunting cloud network, the product is called toilet English, is want to be able to provide a variety of scenarios, can let users in the fragmentation of time simulated dialogue training anywhere, anytime. Products in several major modules, are less confident to their oral English in oral English study room before the user can play with game, practice oral English, every level feedback scores, the user can adjust their status. Be satisfied if it can be directly to myself with XianShi dialogue, please go to the so-called XianShi is in universities of speaking good English talent and some English teachers, they can use English to communicate with the user at any time, and guide users to express it in English. Early XianShi haven’t for a wide range of audition, is through the way of one-to-one invitation and friends recommend, toilet, of course, English itself will be screening out some examination questions to the appropriate XianShi.

because don’t want to be a too serious teaching application, the platform itself will not provide XianShi fixed teaching materials and courses, but will provide some scenes for XianShi simulation exercises, and users will process is relatively casual. XianShi more is the role of an interlocutor, let users through the scene the realization of the aim of the English spoken. English online for more than 4 months, there are 50000 registered users, active at about 60%, the team has total 18 people, have more than 30 XianShi platforms, now still in the enrollment expansion. Late toilet English will add XianShi public class function, for some scenes for teaching the proper words.

the toilet English in iterative promotion period, focus on the operation promotion. First of all, xiao-ming yi said, the content is the life of the product, for App content type, content is more important than the product. So the App has a English pictorial module in the toilet, the editor will go to collect foreign some fun every day, combined with the English study, in the form of a pictorial, hope to share these interesting content to attract users; E goddess activities in addition to online, looking for some love in the campus English appearance with higher levels of sister, every day in public, show a letter, and they want to recommend an English sentence, this activity can attract eyeball.

it is understood that in addition to the existing virtual currency doug late, toilet English will also be online payment system, two sets of systems, the growth of the learning process is mainly composed of doug, users can through the way of accumulation of course make doug. The real cost charge will be charged in terms of public lesson video.

competing goods aspects, the present market of practicing spoken English application, such as master of spoken English fluently, youdao, boring English dubbing, etc. Can fluently speak English stage mode, and strong professional; Youdao spoken dialogue master set the scene, practical stronger, but the two products are the man-machine interaction pattern. English interesting voice into a more unique, with the voice of ways to practice spoken English, interactive and entertaining, easy to cause the user interest. And toilet English focus on creating an environment of dialogue, human interaction conversation practice, each product has a certain difference in style.

the toilet by XingShuai English seed round education investment, in addition to money, also obtained the administrative, financial and other resources to help. The current team hope in good polishing products on the basis of the next round of financing.