2014 meizu phone four series, each one straight inserted millet hinterland, accurately. Start this year, the meizu incarnate blue note2, released on June 30, and annual flagship phone MX5, go “5” millet? If it is really the end of the rumored to launch, day lily is cool, so settle for second best to launch on August 5, “standard”. Some things is to contrast the look interesting, please first degrees a few times more title this tongue twister, remember the key word “charm”, “cheap”, “mist”, “secret”, hunting cloud network take you down one by one.

meizu MX5

charm: meizu MX5 with all metal body, a three-stage T slot coating and special injection molding process, make full metal back the antenna bumps, 12 3 d sandblasting gun with up to 5 times of anodic oxidation and all hand polished. Design changes to the biggest part is the “home button” with fingerprint identification, from the spirit’s blue note2 began “waist circular design, also for consumers has used the circle design.

cheap: meizu MX5 with 64 is a new generation of eight core processor Helio X10 Turbo. Equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen; The main camera 20.7 million pixels; Adopt the new upgrade mTouch 2.0, upgrade the fingerprint sensor, and reconstruct the whole module structure and improved appearance design; Using mCharge fast charging technology, in particular the charger, mCharge quick charge technology can make the meizu MX5 in 10 minutes can be full of 25% of the battery, 40 minutes with 60%; The price of 1799 yuan.



fog: in earlier rumors of the first “millet 5 May be deferred until the end of the year to meet with us. As for the reason of delay, may be associated with qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprinting scheme. In addition, millet is said to have an emergency use other options instead of qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint identification.” Qualcomm Xiao dragon handle him mad about production time in November 820, so, on August 5 will be released first millet millet 5 standard.

No secret:

allegedly millet 5 will carry a 5.2 -inch touch screen, support 2 k resolution, front cameras carry 13 million pixels and 16 million pixel camera, add in fingerprint recognition, have quick charge function (5 minutes, are said to be full of 30% of its electricity), price 2399 yuan.

above all, more enchanting MX5 is cheaper, in contrast, millet 5, although in the fog was exposure there is no secret. By contrast, fingerprint identification, fast charge function of both, but look at price, the gap between 600 yuan and no advantage in wow.

in addition, 3 will be released millet millet today TV, no accident that hit to kick pavilion meizu, meizu offerings from nokia’s classic 1110 aircraft, and as the charm of blue 2 invitations, real machine with SIM card, only without the charger. As the best selling mobile phones, nokia has sold 250 million units, has 300 hours of life. This might reflect the meizu will with the charm of blue 2 super long life always “carried annals” determination, specific performance, let’s July 29 became more and more.

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