you can imagine the future science and technology to replace the purse, smart phones, instead of credit card and ticket.

no matter from which point, money is not everything. It might be a grain of sand, a pebble or a piece of paper with a historical figure. People give it the value of the value of money and material had nothing to do. The value of money derived tools for barter, the past 3000 years of civilization has enough to trade and services more quickly. In the 20th century, the emergence of the credit card gradually replaced the money in the form of cash.

today, in the Money 2.0, many of the electronic commerce are to increase their competitiveness. The idea of electronic wallet will replace the traditional business method, can simplify the goods service business.

you ask yourself, my wallet with credit CARDS, bills, change and a lot of loyalty CARDS and necessary? Technology can eliminate these necessary? Technology can completely replace the purse? First of all, very close to the radio’s NFC near field communication can protect data transformation, this situation also makes the wallet was gradually replaced.

time magazine Jared Newman2012 years on NFC wrote: “do you think about it, if the smartphone except what I can do now, can also act as you enter the key to the real world, what would it be? With wallet clumsy with a bunch of credit CARDS, coupons, gift vouchers, tickets and membership card, you can directly as your mobile phone terminals. All the necessary information will be automatically downloaded, then you can use the fingerprints or PIN PIN to verify your identity.”

after three years, the function of the mobile phone is more powerful.

bosses are do?

some tech giants have already realized that the market of the necessity of transaction is more convenient and safe. Apple also gradually implementing its Pay Apple and Google Wallet. In February, a household name brand Samsung in South Africa, the digital wallets LoopPay company, Boston will be used in new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge smartphone, called Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay MST will use magnetic safety transmission technology, for most retailers or facilities without changing existing hardware conditions. Samsung Pay services also use NFC, MST technology can make traditional phone even in the absence of NFC technology conditions, also can communicate with the old credit card credit card.

bank business is not confined to cash and cheque

similarly, the bank also began to digital payment platform as part of their banking system, which in some Asian countries, especially in Singapore, has obtained the very good implementation. MasterCard issued a global digital payment platform MasterPass, issued in June 2014 for the first time in Singapore.

this door technology, consumers can connect their MasterPass purse with merchants, one click can complete inspection. Luxola, Shaw, Theaters, Singapore Airlines, and many other Singapore online merchants have begun to accept MasterPass payments, and such as AsiaPay, eNETS, MC Payment and WireCard many Payment technology provider in Asia also opens all merchants MasterPass pay for them.

the Dash is a by Standard Chartered bank Standard Chartered and SingTel mobile money services, is now and like 7-eleven, ACE Insurance, Pizza Hut and KFC, Singapore large chain commercial giant cooperation provide consumers with other payment options. With the popularity of this trend, some of the other Banks also keep up with the trend of the launched their own electronic wallet App: industrial and commercial bank of China of OCBC Pay something development bank DBS PayLah and MobilePay and Singapore.

the transition of the electronic wallet has been used by most of Asia’s biggest bank, become a popular means of payment. Singapore’s merchants welcome this new technology, will become digital means of payment throughout Asia symbols of the efforts.

the problem of electronic wallet

however, the introduction of the concept of electronic wallet in Asia also have time to consider.

if customers willing to accept electronic payments, there are two key problems, one is the consumer financial services can contact a gender, the second is the lack of connectivity infrastructure or CARDS accepted. For the former, high barriers to cross-border remittances make electronic payment process more complicated. Due to legal obligations and foreign currency exchange, especially in and out of China’s foreign exchange) are divided, so want to accurately and effectively adjust the electronic payment is more difficult.

and, a lot of people there is no bank account, this makes the compared with the developed countries, want to fully digital wallet technologies into the economy in developing countries is more difficult. When one of population, when most people are not included in this change is much more difficult to process, Banks and retailers want to fully shift is also less power.

and for the latter, the majority of Asian countries lack of infrastructure makes the popularity of electronic payment is less likely. The Digital Evolution Index Digital Evolution Index, MasterCard in 50 countries topped Digital business intentions.

what measures to take

in southeast Asia in the six countries surveyed, there are three (Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines) ranked only 45, 46, 47. If you want to have good infrastructure, mobile point of sale terminal of the implementation of the necessary measures must be taken to make small shed, and street vendors before the digital revolution started to accept credit card and debit card payments.

social transaction way also has very distinct change. With these new technologies, such as NFC and commercial cloud storage to eliminate traditional wallet and mobile digital wallet instead of at the rate of unexpected development. As there are a large number of continuous trading each other retailers and consumers, and multinational and local scope, city within the scope of the popularity of mobile devices, Asia as a region are beginning to accept digital trading idea.

The transition of the

Asia electronic wallet will is no longer a problem, but a matter of time.


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