25 July (word/Tina lee)

the Internet offers more merchants business platform, more and more sellers to join, but many of them are not studied systematically financial system, financial management has become they face a big problem, electric ShangBao is designed for merchants to provide financial platform system.

electric ShangBao is the “most understand electricity sellers operational planning + first build SAAS platform of technical experts, the earliest contact product manager for big data”. Electric ShangBao founder and CEO guo-liang ma precipitation for 3 years, introduced to provide the professional, accurate and comprehensive financial data store management software – electricity ShangBao. Guo-liang ma told hunting cloud network, electricity ShangBao sellers provide an intensification of operating financial platform, through the analysis of data, combined with the hidden costs, optimize cost structure; Through the “cloud” financial, financial management can be flat, clear, compared to traditional financial system, the user is a financial “rookie” can also be easily management; Electric ShangBao high safety coefficient, to provide users with alipay security level of poly stone cloud security storage technology, 16 private transfer data security.

in view of the different levels of users, provides basic and advanced electrical ShangBao version. Basic version is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, electric ShangBao will meet the basic requirements: store a single, simple financial profit management, such as demand, like taobao, mushroom street, beibei, micro store in choosing electric ShangBao; Medium electrical contractor in the premium version is more suitable for enterprise businesses, on the base version, attach more importance to enterprise management financial indicators, etc., like cats, jingdong, dangdang, days wei will and other businesses are in choosing electric ShangBao premium.

ShangBao in offline training at the same time, invite alibaba internal outstanding experts to do training for their users. No matter you are just in footless “rookie” sellers, or industry experts, electrical ShangBao provides a set of standard, make management more simple and transparent, the electricity ShangBao is the first financial management software supports multiple platform. More than 70000 sellers choose to use electric ShangBao, huge user groups to prove the quality of electric ShangBao also to electric ShangBao win more word of mouth, electrical ShangBao attracted more sellers to join.

during the university have done an online platform, has from renren to alibaba’s work experience, also published two books, also a minor celebrity in electric business, guo-liang ma team with strong technical ability and experience in the industry, the electricity ShangBao has won the reputation from the users, guo-liang ma told hunting cloud network, will continue to cover more high quality electric business platform, continue to expand the O2O field, covering the traditional financial field.

ShangBao electricity market positioning is very clear, technical ability is very strong, but with the passage of time, can continue to maintain the leading technological advantage? Can continue to ensure that the growth of the user, keep the old user viscosity? It will be electric ShangBao will face and solve in the future.

electric ShangBao has gained an angel round investment at present, is preparing for A round of funding.