fruit trillions of market attracts various players advance wave upon wave, until now is not a fruit electric business profitable, money is the only way. Fresh electricity and offline fruit boutique supermarket has brought the traditional sales model of the collision, whether there is a direct competitive relationship we both aside, easy to buy fruit, founder of Wu Zhengli said: “online fruit electricity can account for fruit market 2%, 10%, offline store still have plenty of fruit market 90% to 95% of the share. Estimated in 10 years the situation will not change.”

easy to buy fruit do fruit business, but not the toC electricity of fresh fruit. ‘s B2B + O2O mode, is geared to the needs of small and medium-sized fruit fresh businesses, providing full fruit category one-stop sourcing platform.

“door-to-door delivery minimum quantity of 300 yuan,” Wu Zhengli tell hunting cloud network: “we take is to push the shipping + heavy pattern, with 15% cheaper than men to fruit market wholesale prices provided to small and medium-sized fruit store.” Easy to buy fruit focus on user needs, through customer orders, order processing, arrange vehicles, procurement, quality inspection, sorting, with cars, goods acceptance, return, pay 10 links to standardized management assembly operations and sales, with the advantage of low price and delivery, maximum convenient for merchants, attracting merchants cooperation.

the company’s technology accumulation of city logistics distribution, and this is the fruit of B2B distribution link, is particularly important, because the future hundreds of fruit merchants, different shipping address, different delivery time requirement, the amount of each stock, the order of the loading and unloading and otherwise, and according to the size of the model, the arrangement of the reasonable route, if there is no technical scheduling software support, is unable to realize. Merchants if not to have the goods delivered on time, delay the businessmen to do business, means that the customer loss.

Wu Zhengli said: “we are at present stage B side, demand to determine terminal retailers, cost control, we will consider next spell mass of consumers, such as the office girl spell regiment buy boxes of fruit, in the form can be done as a B side. “

easy to buy fruit order platform is a micro letter mall, micro letter order time deadline at 11 PM in the day, the order will be delivered on the next day. Payment can be taken WeChat payments and pay treasure payment. Inspection has a problem can apply for to return on the day of face to face, because the shelf life of the problem does not support return the next day. After can dial telephone online, or send text to the public, the background image for communication.

Wu Zhengli team’s founder, 4 to 12 at the beginning of alibaba B2B sales, Chinese suppliers have 8 years to push sales management experience, worked in hangzhou belden shang dynasty (electricity) partners, set up in jiaxing zhi tao network, city of third party logistics Beijing blue carriage. Team 35 people, have many years of experience in operating sales and distribution.

in April this year, blue carriage city logistics project transformation, easy to buy fruit is launched. Two months time to distribution business 50/day, the amount of 40000/day. Currently 20% of the total products have profit space, on average turnover of 800 to 800, merchants purchasing frequency for 2 to 3 days/times, at present there are hangzhou area covers 300 merchants cooperation.

the size of the fruit market in hangzhou about 3 billion a year, need not say oneself trillions of the country. Fruit industry B2B supply chain such as Internet project and fruit on the table. Easy to buy fruit at this stage the main hangzhou market oriented, in the second half will expand the Yangtze river delta city of supply chain.