A lot of times, for enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, in the aspect of legal knowledge contract often there is a lot of information asymmetry problem, it makes enterprises face a great deal of legal risks. But most of the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs looking for legal services will meet all kinds of problems: expensive, lawyers busy, no guarantee quality, etc. Hunting cloud network recently focused on company easy method was dedicated to solving these pain points of the clients.

easy method of customer contract this niche service moved to the Internet, through the “contract” this product as enterprise legal services, thus widen the legal service path. “Contract” in the domestic first user online to generate free contract mode, do not need any legal common sense, as long as through a simple check the lawyer predefined selection problem, can let users in a short span of more than ten minutes will be able to create a professional online targeted legal contracts. At present, the “contract” including enterprise borrow loan contracts, labor contracts, equity contract, patent companies such as daily legal all the legal documents.

use of the “contract” can also be training enterprise legal personnel, personnel manager, even at the front desk secretary, let they can online DIY a professional contract, reducing the threshold of the legal awareness. Founder Gao Deliang introduction, “we will contract the professionalism and efficiency of excellent fusion together, through the O2O type legal platform, can let small and medium-sized enterprise can gain effective cost savings and professional legal services, the perfection in terms of user experience.”

easy method of guest is jingdong mode, all the legal personnel real-time online communication at any time. To provide users with free online consultation, online review, modify, perfect service, legal document which can be kept online to print. Contract for a startup person erosion, often have problems such as loss, easy method to provide the contract also stored in the cloud, such as contract management function may at any time to download into a Word document, and the bother of safekeeping contract. In addition, the development of “registered”, “personnel”, “equity”, “justice bao”, “brand”, “company”, “marriage”, “divorce” and other new products. Committed to provide enterprises with high quality, fast and convenient legal services. Product at present is given priority to with PC, late will develop the App for AIDS.

in law, a corporate clients a year all the legal service fee is 5000 yuan, and also support pays by the month, the equivalent of about four or five hundred yuan a month can hire a professional legal adviser, start-up company looking for lawyer’s big expense. “And compared to hire legal personnel, easy method of lawyers are more experienced, more professional.” Gao Deliang said.

Gao Deliang to hunt cloud network, according to the current, easy method with 5000-5000 enterprise customers, platform thousands daily visits. Easy method of guest’s future operating plan is through the development of distribution partners with the small and medium-sized enterprise resource together, let them become a easy method of partner. Every development 100 enterprise customers, distribution partners is 10000 users, each user to recommend 10 users is 100000. And, for enterprise class paying customers, a high degree of repeat purchase rate, this also means that as most enterprises reached a long-term cooperation.

Gao Deliang lawyer or the senior Chinese IPO, m&a legal experts, 10 years ago set up their own private law firm, as a young lawyer. Once responsible for li ka-shing investment of guangzhou beidou bridge joint construction of the contract design, Henry fok investment of humen bridge design, the joint venture contract of guangzhou’s largest sewage treatment plant striker BOT contract design, etc. He said in an interview with hunting cloud network, to be legal good electric company, the product manager must understand the law must be the Internet’s most people, the law is the most people understand the Internet, and he is in the constantly improve these aspects.

company was completed earlier this year the angel financing, 10 days ago round in cow cast net and the raise, is currently considering to do A round of funding. Financing obtained will be used in product development, improve technical barriers, market development, improve the service ability and so on.