although the stock market is still “drop down”, but recently Windows Phone app store, but there was good news. Some attentive user has been found that Windows Phone version (hereinafter referred to as the WP version) is the letter is to upgrade to version 3.0. The easecredit WP version upgrade is sincerity, full not only released the assassin’s mace, “free call” also added page slide switch process of animation and night vision function such as little surprise.

free telephone unilaterally to install the new chang play

according to easecredit relevant controller introduces, in order to fit the WP use habit of users, “call” function is set in the second frame of the main interface menu bar. After users enter phone functions, can be viewed easily believe the use of free telephone guide.

WP version easily letter “phone” function for other versions of the phone function advantage, the user can through the address book for free in mainland China launched a dial or letter calls, success not only consume flow after answering the call process, also does not produce any costs.

in addition to the double talk, WP3.0 user can easily initiate multiple chat. Check the user through the address book 2 – a call after seven people, incoming call the called party successfully answer can complete multiparty calls. It is worth mentioning that easy to believe the phone as long as the initiator is easy to believe the user, the called party even if not installed easy letter can also be normal calls.

the WP3.0 version star system have been introduced, the system is based on the background of users in the use of easy letter time and use frequency is calculated. With the more, the higher the stars. Yi letter every month, according to different users star corresponding duration and free communication benefits. Records of free duration, to use and users and the rest of the time and so on can be in the “phone” at the bottom of the query in the “more” menu bar. It is interesting to note that in addition to the remaining time query, easy letter also launched a “save record”, use easy letter last can save much money.

laying solid foundation WP8.1 details see sincerely

small market share, input and output is disproportionately long, each big mobile software vendors on WP platform in main reason for the weak. As the Win10 footsteps getting closer, WP users in the niche groups also gradually return to public view. But before Win10 launched WP8.1 users into a mess, a lot of software directly across WP8.1 and the launch of direct Win10 based development.

therefore, easecredit, said an official with the related WP8.1 is Win10 foundation, in order to take care of most of the WP users feel, before Win10 officially launched, yi letter first based on WP8.1 generic framework version 3.0 is developed.

the head also said that the style of WP system is fit for domestic mobile phone design trend of single hand operation, with plenty of sliding and placed at the bottom of the button instead of all the fingers of a wide range of click is its main feature. Yi letter 3.0 version of the design on the play WP system characteristics done a lot of consideration. Easecredit WP3.0 version of the whole design with the old version concise design concept, and make more detail optimization. In the sliding switch page and click popup window function to join in the process of animation effect, make the picture more flexible. At the same time, due to join the night mode, so the page will be according to different color, different subjects adaptation and try to get rid of too many colors in a night mode, cutting head and the transparency of the web page at the same time, in order to increase the user use the visual comfort in dark environment.

at present, easecredit WP3.0 edition has been fully online, users can be in easecredit website ( or Windows Phone app store download experience.