(text/Yin Zixuan)

the archaism cloud “thirty instruction”, and not only refers to the adults around thirty years old, but also to society and their wants to have a clear understanding and the understanding, which all need to finish the foreshadowing in the twenties. “Running of the three way” it is in view of the target group founded in easily confused age site, aims to provide professional and empirical content to help them solve confusion in work and life.

founder PuSong labor of Internet technology is a software company’s product manager, he told hunting cloud network turn 30: “I this stage at the age of 20, made a lot of fault, if know ahead of time, can go less detours. Campus, family, and society totally different, hope this website can give some young people who have just left the campus education significance.”

website launched on May 1, the existing more than 1000 registered users, users can be accessed through the computer directly to the end, but can be by running three way platform for the micro letter public opinions and Suggestions are put forward. Main function is divided into the following four parts:
1, micro q&a: question by the user, the user and answer his draft together;
2, methodology, written by his draft one clutch during the running of the three to complete self cultivation, the parenting problem faced by this age, as after the leadership of the leadership of the Suggestions for the improvement of methods and entrepreneurial marketing;
3, the running of the three: from his share of the draft on the running of the three road need to pay attention to dress and eating healthy;
4, true story: about by his draft from their true story of all ages.

at present, the site has three clutch draft, a designer, PuSong name is responsible for the technology. PuSong tell hunting cloud network, “the problem of funds is now the biggest difficulty, website needs financial support more clutch version of filling of the contents and professional people.” And about the problems existing in the site itself, he believes, on the one hand is the insufficient plate classification, on the other hand is the site content is not rich enough. And running of the three way through public account, enrich the user feedback out of the need to increase or adjust the plate and the content.

competing goods aspects, at present many large BBS and communication in the community has a lifestyle of plate, the various problems in life provide help and communication platform, at the same time have some problem for parenting and the working community. Running of the three way, by contrast, has just launched users is small, but it will solve main problems in this age group have a few more detailed examples of professional, at the same time create a crowd community of communication of the same age stage. When users are faced with more than a few common problems, this community will be more closely.

when it comes to the future development direction, PuSong said: “we want to rush three way as an education platform, make it more rich in content, become a real help to the user of the tool.”

when users accumulated to a certain size, PuSong name that can get profit from two aspects: one is directed at young people studying in site, invite experts to carry out paid one-to-one professional consulting service, hold some offline activities; To improve the life quality of the second is to provide some products for sale. “Profit model just thinking at present stage, late have plenty of imagination.” Ming-hua pu said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the project’s initial cash by PuSong since the vote, a new round of financing is in preparing.