on July 27 (word/Qiao Zefang)

today, brother in home outfit in the field of E perspective of maintenance repair CEO choi IO chong to hunt cloud network, said brother E repair in April got the angel round investment of 20 million RMB. Choi IO chong in and hunting cloud network chat, once said: “technology to promote social progress.” The author of this sentence very much. Ransacked the whole industry, from the Internet to the mobile Internet suddenly become the darling of the people. Don’t say entrepreneurs have to react, you have to admit, the turning of the hardware technology as a collision that flood of Noah’s ark, destroy everything, but in the new life in the confusion. And home improvement industry as a “living” just need, also face the danger of being reversed – giant with abundant resources, entrepreneurial firms from every Angle.

E brother choose the point of view of just maintenance.

E elder brother to provide location-based services, select the repair open App end, damage to the appliance repair services range from home outfit are included. For the user, save and property of the repeated communication, steps in the link of reducing operation at the same time, can enjoy instant door-to-door service is e in elder brother a big advantage. Choi IO chong is introduced, the mode of the E repair the elder brother is similar with drops a taxi to a certain extent, the user service, surrounding the teacher rob, teacher contact users in 3 minutes, then determine the door maintenance time. After completion of the whole maintenance process user submit to decorating teacher evaluation on the platform, the platform will return visit to the customer, to prevent the master gouging and let master form good service consciousness. Choi IO chong hope like this sweep of two-way choice to seek out a batch of gold master E brother take sexy enough, the word of mouth – products service is enough.

the O2O besides convenient to solve this problem, the benefits are numerous O2O platform starts a competition point. Some to integrate the supply chain, some choose to build the supply chain, they are trying to use lower consumption to attract consumers to a great extent. When asked this question, choi IO chong tell hunting cloud: “in fact, we prefer to forms a partnership with Tmall and jingdong, they have formed the good logistics and warehousing, we don’t have to compete with them in this respect.” E elder brother cooperation with reliable platforms, hope to ensure the quality of the material at the same time, can rely on service this high frequency of the low frequency time attracting user traffic to decorate. And because of the ascension of user traffic, E repair the elder brother also have similar deals in terms of price advantage, the user will get to the consumption of the normal level in the industry.

compared to repair, repair is a more careful, will be exposed to more details. E decorate elder brother have their own a set of maintenance management system, work with designer to provide design services, 3 d modeling data retained even regular remind users cleaning air conditioning, also for possible maintenance after laid the foundation. And decorate teacher beginning in the specification of the manual from the appearance, operating standards to key decoration service standards are listed. Even if some teacher couldn’t express, in the manual also introduced how to communicate with the user, to decorating teacher, this is the opportunity to learn also is a kind of humanistic care. , of course, all the decorate teacher before he became a formal employee training programs are in, in the eyes of choi IO chong, the craftsman craft good but should also respect is two-sided, these training courses on the one hand, make behavior standardization, on the other hand is to master the bottom spirit, cultivate a good customer relationship.

E elder brother’s website, from maintenance to decorate, consumer loans to home outfit and supply chain finance, wide span seems to create one-stop O2O service platform. But choi IO chong, they have certain cooperation and jincheng bank, but only provides a more convenient channel for the user to choose, center of gravity will also be an outfit, the rest of the service is to provide a better experience.

team in choi IO chong, indeed, there is energy. In terms of his own, 14 years’ service in the army, when the four years of civil servants, set up their own engineering firms to his rich experience in the field of decoration. And technology partners is directly to a team. COO HuoTao where former wireless division chief operating officer. “N” founder, is E in elder brother a feature.

in the near future, they are actively seeking the next round of financing opportunities.