in view of the drops quickly announced today online generation of driving business, the leader in the field of e generation driving today to the media, said in an interview with welcome drops quickly such influential enterprises into the generation of driving the market, follows in the footsteps of his late e generation drive, allow more users to know generation of driving industry, enjoy riding generation services and mobility.

drops said today, generation of driving business will be in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other 10 cities first, before the end of August will be opened in chengdu, changchun, xiamen and other 15 cities, is expected by the end of the year, the city will be more than 100 service coverage.

e generation driving, said this company is the founder of the field, is also involved in the industry as a whole new rules founder, covering more than 200 cities across the country in four years, and is equipped with overseas South Korea branch, with cooperation driver 150000, order more than 200000.

according to multilateral institutions, according to e generation drive occupy significant market share, in the field of generation of driving in the generation of driving in the field of the vertical O2O share reached 90%. Learned, in e generation of driving the development of a few years, the asked the driver, at least 5 years driving experience, comprehensive training, strict examination, strict regulation, founded the driver driving industry generation driving system, and for many others to follow suit. Company set up a tube of security system, established China’s first generation of driving liability insurance and the driver personal insurance, generation of driving risks highest paid 10 million, driver accident compensation of up to 300000.

after years of market cultivation, generation of driving the market development to a new stage. E or driving aspect, said generation car industry has been into the new stage of spell more services to meet customer demand, e generation drive is rising across the industry service standards, let more customers enjoy more high-quality and convenient riding generation services.

the e generation drive is the national development speed service experience month activity, including a very important content is “fast” activities, activities during the period of 20 to 22 points every night, generation of drivers less than eight points and 8 seconds, customers can enjoy free fare. E generation driving current to the national average speed in 6 minutes, far leading industry other competitors. Driving for a long time, e generation through reasonable driver scheduling system and large data analysis, effective guidance and the scheduling of generation of drivers, and through the humanization and intelligent system for users to send list real-time recommendation generation of drivers, let the driver raced to become a reality.