“love and cool” smart baby bottles is a through smart sensors and software communication technology, mobile phones and bottles, and can realize bottles intellisense, warning, record, analysis, and other functions, get real feed data in the process of parenting, and synchronous contrast age baby health data, analysis of nursery, parents to guide scientific and nursery products.

“love and cool” founder Qiu Zengchao had a listed IT companies in the domestic management post to work for eight years, initiation of the idea of research and development of intelligent bottle is originated from a female colleague of postpartum working condition. “At that time she had just take maternity leave back to company work, often experience anxiety and distracted state, completely unable to concentrate on work, hope to have a product to let mother feeding the baby and work in peace.”

at the beginning of 2014, established Qiu Zengchao from its previous force engaged in the development of hardware and software, the core technology of yongxin company deploy staff to form a team to research and development, “love and cool” intelligence in October last year officially finalize the bottle. In February this year, shenzhen love and cool technology co., LTD. Was set up, to focus on “love and cool” intelligent bottle as the core of intelligent maternal and child supplies related business development. It is understood that the “cool” and love to enter mass production stage, is coming to jingdong the raised platform, expected to full launch in August, electricity will become the main platform for product sales promotion.

hunting cloud network learned that “love and cool” intelligent bottle has applied for national invention patent, utility model patent for invention patents and appearance. Qiu Zengchao said, “love and cool” intelligent bottle is no longer simply a containers of milk, but realize the bottle of 2.0 concepts, to advocate a healthy feeding, science direct way of nursery.

it is understood that the specific function of “love and cool” intelligent bottles are as follows: one is the intelligent know much less, to be very considerate, perception of salt capacity and temperature of the milk, baby milk has a capacity of temperature; The second is regularly remind nursing time; Three is to rush through milk, milk and milk motion judgement about nursing, 4 it is through the hedge milk, feeding, pour milk quantity, temperature, time to analyze the specific data records, aims to provide the baby nutrition assessment, for modern young parents to provide scientific and healthy parental guidance.

in terms of business model, “love and cool” will be intelligent bottle as the core, at the same time supporting the development of intelligent constant temperature set, smart mummy bag and so on derivatives. Later, “love and cool” will, which is based on intelligent bottles, to provide users with the baby grow process of parental knowledge, build parenting, children grow up learning communication platform.

, according to data from 2005 to 2005, China will have 4 times the population birth peak and new baby at around $16 million a year, if the accumulative calculation, the number of infants 0 to 6 years of age during this period of more than 100 million each year. In the face of such a large space for maternal and infant product demand, how to open the market is very important. Qiu Zengchao admitted that the current marketing efforts and results of the products will be “cool” and love development difficulty, but also opportunities.

competing goods aspects, the traditional well-known brands such as philips, bei affinity avent, brand awareness and product safety assurance of great advantage, but China’s current intellectual property protection of creative intelligence products shortcomings, shanzhai products, cause market turmoil. Qiu Zengchao said about it, only keep leading technology, strict controls of product quality, to create high-end consumer brand awareness is the development of “love and cool” way.

at the same time, to hunt Qiu Zengchao cloud network said, “love and cool” will be formally launched A round of investment and financing needs of more than 5 million yuan, will be mainly used for market promotion and expand production.