the drug terminal network, the domestic third-party medical electrical business B2B trading platform, was established in May 2010, the platform aims to contribute to pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical agents/wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading. In April 2014 to obtain Internet issued by the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of pharmaceutical trade license (the A20140002 third-party trading platform).

drug terminal network founder and CEO He Side (called “csi”) said that since last year launched in May 2014, drug terminal network has completed more than 80000 orders, more than 20000 registered users, to more than 15 million month, accumulative total turnover has amounted to 100 million yuan, the growth is amazing, and has maintained a fairly optimistic development growth, is expected in the second half of 2015 water exceeds 300 million yuan. Drug terminal network was also recently announced that it had completed by partners China led, high mountains huaxing with A round of the 27 million yuan. A round of funding.

so on the road at the startup of csi with what kind of experience and techniques to share with you?

two o ‘clock on June 13th in tianfu software park, the inspiration of coffee of D area, csi with everyone to a share and communicate face to face, straight talk business on the road of hardships, csi venture all the way over the deepest feelings is to face everything is heart is line, whether their products, partners or investors, to be honest. In terms of financing techniques after sharing, csi for entrepreneurs to provide some of the present financing experience as an example of financing their own advice.

acme products

in the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs want their own products perfectly, keep close to the user, let the user feel the best user experience. This is the reason of every entrepreneur understand, at the time of product development, each entrepreneurs are doing their best, staying up late to study, and forget all about eating and sleeping, and so on, but still not satisfied.

why will appear this kind of circumstance? Because there is no real entrepreneurs or close the user users, not to the will of the user as the center, but in the will of “I” as the center, namely entrepreneurs to their departure. Entrepreneurs often assume that in the process of product development, assume that the user should use, assume that the user should use cool, assume that the user should pay and so on. The presence of these ideas to a certain extent, restrict the development of some enterprises.

a good product is not necessarily beautiful products. You can see some sites do very beautiful, but may be this site a user all have no, because the user not only beautiful, the user’s need is really meet your needs, this is the fundamental. How to adjust our aspiring entrepreneurs initially, csi: think of heart is far more important than funding.

Chengdu in the development of

look good entrepreneurial environment in chengdu, chengdu many Internet companies, too. But in the eyes of investors in chengdu is a place is not too good. Without an Internet star enterprise, the chengdu second-line stars are few and far between. Hangzhou is the fertile soil in a startup, a big reason is that the reason for the existence of the ali, ali, animating the whole hangzhou entrepreneurial environment.

a lot of investors in Beijing said sichuan lack of talent, csi: don’t agree. Sichuan is clever, in the aspect of literacy skills is very good, the literacy skills in some cases, why chengdu entrepreneurial atmosphere or development doesn’t have to? A large part of the reason is that chengdu entrepreneurs broad field of vision is not enough, the lack of some higher level of thinking.

csi in share the hope that we can often go to Beijing, to go to hangzhou, chat with entrepreneurs and investors. This chat is not a simple chat, the chat requires entrepreneurs with a problem, the eyes and the brain, thinking and observation in the chat, in such a process is more advantageous to open his own pattern. In the process of ascension is entrepreneurs will find most of the time is not can’t do, but because we didn’t see his eyes, head, this is chengdu entrepreneurs urgently needs to solve the problem.

csi financing skills

since China’s reform and opening up to the “Internet +” put forward by the prime minister, lee today, the fast development of the Internet, a variety of investment institutions more and more, including angel, VC, etc. Investment is becoming more and more cluttered, the employees also is the good and bad are intermingled, entrepreneurs must have discrimination in the process of the financing.

the process of financing entrepreneurs must understand oneself want to do, investors want to do. Investors must be want to make money, but investors want to earn much money, must be to want to make a lot of money.

first of all, your startup project must have the possibility of can do bigger and stronger, so if you are financing, you must calm down to determine the project you have programmable story, is there any development prospects.

followed by people, people is the essence of the project. So you must build a team of the entrepreneurs of real strength is stronger, even if the strength is not strong, you must have a powerful performance. grass-roots team is likely to lack the blood of the Internet, in the development of the next step is likely because the pattern is not enough, do not lead to enterprise. Value investors value most is the founder, is the first character of the second professional.

a lot of love to brag, founder of when writing a business plan to make up the story, the existing data. Csi: advise you not to do so, if you really want to find a good investor, it is best not to lie to what he said. keep in mind that you are looking for partners is not in change, our true purpose is to find a rich partner.

in project vision, founder of pattern under the condition of qualified, investors will start to test your ability to project execution, the execution is not in the business plan book you arrange good development plan, but how are you going to implement your project. csi, says founder should dog ran outside don’t fly in the sky.

key dry brush

first, is our whole business process, the heart must be positive. To the user as the center, we judge whether our project on the society as a whole has the value of existence. Heart is will make our line is, line is we can pursue the perfection of the product of our heart. Everybody wants to put the money, status, reputation these all things completely outside the head aside, as an affiliate products. Only when you have a thing well done, good service for a client, to get these affiliate products. This is a good state of mind.


second, investors, enough to be honest, enough show your character. The second is the performance of your behavior is enough to fall to the ground, rather than vague, be sure to the industry have a certain study of what you are doing. At the time of financing difficulty, must not be oneself hard fight, can go looking for FA, is financing consultant, is a good FA can offer a lot of help in the process of financing.

third, financing success doesn’t mean you have success, your stress will become bigger after financing. We should be more perfect project, project constantly improve can also continue to raise money. Finally, don’t aim at financing to do things.

since then, hunting cloud will also hold the pioneering public class, investors say, road shows, and a series of activities, to get more dry goods business friend to share. Hunting cloud network is not only a media, but also an innovation service platform, we are willing to do successful entrepreneurs “stepping stone”, on the road to keep an eye on business friends, hunting road of the cloud network will make your business easier!

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