rumors have long drops quickly the new round of large financing in today, drops quickly announced $2 billion in financing. Investors in addition to the original alibaba, tencent, temasek, high capital, capital international private equity funds, and peace, innovation investment funds and other new investors are involved.

this round of financing, after the completion of all drops quickly will have more than $3.5 billion in cash reserves, drops quickly, said CEO chengwei will lead drops quickly complete the layout of the next three years, as the world’s biggest one-stop travel platform, provide service for 30 million passengers a day, 10 million driver service, 3 minutes to have a car to meet in any place.

for the purpose of this round of funding, drops quickly, said President willow blue, not spending on subsidies, more is in technology, products, market and big data.

started from a single call taxi application, after three years of time, drops quickly has become a taxi, car, lift, one-stop mobile traffic platform. According to the official figures, so far, drops fast car order weeks rose 30%, now day orders of 3 million; Drops quickly in call taxi market accounted for 99% of the market, more than 1.5 million taxi drivers to join; With just a month of free ride has been extended to 148 cities across the country, peak of 600000 single day order. In the next few months, drops quickly will also launch generation driving, carpool or take a bus, taxi car, and more new products and services.

as a collection of many kinds of transportation platform, these products and services to get through each other, according to the application scenarios redefine, combination. And a variety of travel products brought about by the user, data flow, brand, advantage and synergy effect, drops quickly will further show that the platform edge. The analysis thinks, drops quickly, except for longitudinal through vertical industry chain will be horizontal integration all kinds of industry services, by the extension and construction of the ecological system of industry. Eventually will not only become one of the entrance of the travel industry and even the O2O field, but also can obtain O2O like taobao in the field of ecological system.

a few days ago, the shenzhou car announced by China auto rental, warburg pincus investment and legend, the prince of the united capital such as joint investment of $250 million. And drops quickly main competitor Uber’s rapid expansion in the country, is also looking for a new round of financing. Drops quickly hand over $3.5 billion in cash reserves, enough to really monopoly market?