“you know starbucks?” “Know, is a coffee shop.” “Wrong! That is a cafe on the theme of photo shop!” The jokes, found that people now it seems impossible to do a pure thing, even social became no fun. before people will be happy to do a thing, happy to read a book, willing to hand over a friend, ready to eat a food, and the degree of ecstasy. Now people no matter what seems to and take photos and send circle of friends. The pleasure of sharing and communication go exactly?

initially, because see forward on WeChat things more and more, contact and critical circle, so the germination of a heart to do social products. “Used to work with strangers and people on the left is a phone number, are now WeChat scan. Leave a phone number instead of closer.” Ye Fang Joe said helplessly, “people in different roles, will want to share something different to play. So we provide the platform.”

asked why the name “drip”, he said: “because of the breath of life in it, constitute the life bit by bit.” In the intravenous drip, the user can set up according to his be fond of circles in public and private. Circles mainly in public and interest, or meet life and social demand, also can build an interest in their circles, other users can by keyword search. With family and friends can build a intimate circle, invitation into the circle, others is not to search. The two separate products, how to arrange depends on the users themselves.

relative to WeChat, watercress social patterns, intravenous drip with move in the same era of gene, and made a difference. Such as: open the circle of transparent, free, tend to be independent, between circle and circle of friends can separate chat, share more freedom. chat can set the topic tag, communication up to have a theme, but also to chat play the role of management, be flexible and convenient. All messages stored in the cloud, many terminal connections at the same time, the automatic synchronization. Links cannot be directly, must share in the form of call image tag, such a small mind is to avoid the intravenous drip to the next repeater.

as to how the user to join the circle, they can view public network chat records, to decide whether or not they are interested in, but cannot participate in interaction. There is no threshold and join the circle, do not need the so-called administrator approval, emphasizes equality, open relationship. this is done, it is can improve the quality of speech, users will have such a kind of consciousness, not to destroy the atmosphere of the community.

for market segmentation, Ye Fang Joe put forward its own principles, first is to provide a stable and open product structure. The second is to maintain the community atmosphere and tonal: an open community of sunshine. Let users natural growth, like to stay, don’t like to leave, spontaneously and development. The user interaction, then we can build group of enthusiasm. users will drive each other, interested in people, the first to take an interest in the circle of interest .

product structure have already finalize the design, need some optimization technology. Currently support ios, android, and web platform to share more. The new version coming soon, a new launch function, actually offline activities, can bring people together, is also a small circle. Have the time, location, address, released into an activity, is the public and private. Activities can share the scene of the situation and the comments below. As for interest can last long, the community will cool off, the user how to better attract, how to improve the user viscosity, these is also a team to face a severe test.

team currently has nine people, co-founder and chief executive officer Ye Fang uncle Joe claimed to be a passionate entrepreneurship. I asked him if he was a man who loves life, said he took out his mobile phone, my wife and I now to communicate with intravenous drip, she let me if you have any thing to do, is to play on a label to remind me. in real life to make yourself with a product, is there is not enough love?