(word/Qiao Zefang)

“large wind turbines, noting cheep yo yo geostrophic, here’s a nice scenery ah”, must have 80 after 90 after the warm the entire childhood song is familiar. At 6 o ‘clock every night, move a small stool, poof bursts poof bursts ran to the front of the TV, just to watch one episode. And every time I hear this song, the memory of childhood is like a clear picture of the creeping slowly around the corner. If at that time the animation is the dream of our eyes, is the way we interact with the world. So at this stage animation for this group of “adults” is still obsessed with must be hidden in the pure of heart and dream. There is love, there is a dream.

today we say blue pencil in do, is to provide an online education and communication platform, let the fantastical dream of becoming the tangible bread, change is difficult, CEO chung-liang chang wants to try.

Design dream

in two of the most sought-after big recruitment website do? Open the interface, the programmer, another is the designer. While the latter is a blue pencil to the entrance of the online education. Chung-liang chang has 11 years anime the learning experience of the industry, school learning experience and walk many years of experience in this industry, make him aware of school education in theory and practice there is a big difference between enterprises of choose and employ persons, beginning ability is weak, not good at practice for many students to the professional obtain employment barriers. Especially almost completely depends on the ability to design this area of expertise, to prevent a lot of people continue to go on, also cause enterprise design talented person’s demand. And for those who are in design circles of various advanced design big geek, they hope to commercialise their industry experience and professional skills, resulting in a steady stream of income. Blue pencil to do big bridge of cafes and learners build industry design.

these signed with blue pencil in the major of international senior designers will first according to the field he is good at constructing course, from introductory to advanced, from the illustration, games, anime to electricity UI design, etc., in different areas of the design for cover. Then blue pencil through independent research and development of the whole course teaching system and teaching system chapters, divided into the theory and practice, combining the designers can after spare time live teaching interactive answering questions with her students, practical skills to teach business project, let the students to achieve enterprise demand of choose and employ persons. Class rolling open all year round, and combined with the standard of one-on-one attention also to any time into the students can keep up with the course selection. Using tencent QQ and other social networking platform for real-time interaction and answering questions on the network, communication and modification are part of the required courses. Students also can undertake assessment at the end of the course according to the teacher, the teacher counseling sessions in the whole process of the service will be in the form of hd video recording in the teaching system, on the one hand can meet the needs of students at any time to review, on the other hand can, in the dispute over the user can through class live video as a powerful basis for examination and assessment; Blue pencil is also hope that through evaluation system checks to ensure that the teacher is a serious attitude in doing this, to ensure that the interests of the students.

The beauty of the


as the national economy and the development of the Internet in recent years, people begin to pay more and more attention to spiritual and cultural level of consumption. Art, design, painting elements by lovers and even people more and more. According to statistics, at present our country art design painting learners, lovers and practitioners always people do, that doesn’t include some game anime fans; So huge segment people have their own preferences and properties, need a more professional and more in line with the industry’s appetite for mobile community communication platform. Blue pencil hope that through in the form of online education into the community segment field, introduce enough art, design, painting large coffee into the platform, and integration of the market value of the business circles explore their resources. Through large cafe industry, increase small white the user’s platform viscosity, we can be happy together learn fun to play.

last year, a blue pencil won their first round of venture capital, the future will be constructed has been committed to the professional in the field of Chinese art, design, painting, good learning community and serve the segment.