(text/Chen Tianqi)

male opened his desk one day, a cat robot suddenly jumped from the drawer. So, the story began. This is a lovely blue fat boy, he was afraid of mice, soft-hearted, love to eat causeway to burn, you have a magic bag, can put down all the props, all these items can satisfy male desires. He witnessed the 80, 90, the growth of the two generations, is these people want to have a friend as a child. His name is doraemon. In doraemon’s pocket, even A small little pieces of paper, also can harvest friend around the eyes of envy. Have him, have a dream.

this time, doraemon, taobao in the hangzhou city by ten bodyguards protection black, plus seven or eight big rush and A nanny car, appearance is quite spectacular. I believe you will have A little confused, versatile duo la A dream and taobao have what relation, or there has been A new local tyrants ma business plan, the abacus played on blue fat man. In fact, careful readers should have found the small changes in cell phone taobao App, topped with a chubby little blue hand cartoon icon, like the knock on the door of the taobao. And when your order is issued, there will be a clear and crisp familiar ring in the ears. Obviously, taobao and duo la A dream together happy to play!

on July 13, taobao and famous Japanese anime brand duo la A dream are the China copyright agent YiYing brand cooperation agreement (Shanghai) trading co., LTD. “Doraemon will become the universal taobao image speak.” Vice President of taobao Zhang Qin alibaba in hangzhou xixi park to attend the press conference said their cooperation.

Zhang Qin introduction, taobao is the only doraemon mainland China area partners, taobao will be in the future every year launched the “universal week” activities, the taobao united duo la A dream to launch A “universal shop” from the 22nd century, consumers can buy doraemon animation like A time machine, in memory of bread, bamboo dragonfly, etc all kinds of magic props from the future.

cloud network hunting, doraemon was awarded “mascot” senior position by taobao, taobao will launch more brand sharing plan in the future, let more merchants can be Shared by the form of “native” authorized merchandise, achieve win-win situation.

phone taobao Jiang Fan, director of special research and development are introduced at the conference launched four magic props, respectively is “try makeup mirror”, “haggling knife”, “to put headlight” and the hand of “sharing”. Hunting cloud network also at the scene of the conference to experience a “trial makeup mirror”, first entered the mobile phone taobao search box, click on the right of the camera into the vertical tao, after download after 5 m material can begin to experience the charm of the magic mirror. “Try makeup mirror” existing eye shadow, lenses, eyelash and cheek is red this several function, this let love make up, but the cash-strapped sister never leave home and don’t need to spend money to try your favorite style. , of course, does not exclude the displayed on the mirror perfect makeup look, the arrival of the goods but finding is not so matter exists, it is a new function, need time slowly experience improvement.

below, hunting cloud network for everyone to introduce these four magic props:

“try makeup mirror” : the use of face recognition and dynamic image analysis, through augmented reality AR technology will face real natural mix and virtual goods. Users can directly when using the mobile phone as a mirror, click on the corresponding beauty makeup products can real time on the phone after seeing her makeup effect, and can according to try makeup effect corresponding colour makeup of choose and buy goods.

bargaining knife: it has redefined the way wireless terminal bargaining. User as long as the phones for goods made the action of cutting, can bargain and get the real price is favorable, if you can pull on friend to participate in together, that still can obtain a lower price.

put headlight: using AR technology. Users by hand tao put headlight camera web page goods, after successfully will receive a favourable commodity information. Web side a Iphone6, for example, by hand tao put headlight scan will become a Iphone6Plus magic, but the price is still the Iphone6 prices, the user can click to buy.


this is using the technology of the geographic enclosures, redefining the function of wireless side to share. Users to as long as the mobile phone screen, complete touch Shared the phone’s screen, you can easily recommend to share their favorite goods, no need to link the commodities provided by them.

doraemon is by the male offspring had sent from the 22nd century, in order to help the big male solve many he temporarily unable to solve the problem, and as much as possible to satisfy male desire. Since then, have A big male beside the universal duo la A dream became our childhood dream, but it is A dream, who would have thought we would one day have the only blue really fat man? And the launch of taobao, the hand doraemon “universal week” activities, as if let us from being the only blue fatty dream A step closer. As Mr Ma said, “dream or want some, one thousand achieved?”