(text/Tang Yaqin)

remember last year Chen Weijing, he was in distress, for how to find the aunt will run to the streets to post recruitment ads, even where have vegetable markets, vegetable markets several bathrooms all know. Came to hangzhou in April this year, to the domestic help the chief 7 floor, but did not see Chen Weijing, he is on the 10th floor layout for domestic help move into a new home. Still a long beard, but even more neatly. Workers on the 10th floor area size, segmentation Chen Weijing (confidence, a little yue yue took us) introduces the layout of the new home, when see ceramic tile at the foot of domestic help logo printed, “this is our aunt an image at the beginning of design, has been used now, our aunt each have their own a flower”.

meeting Chen Weijing obviously compared to last less grief. Chen Weijing, has been engaged in relevant data before, for the first time contact housekeeping. May be the reason for the wenzhou people, dare to start from the smallest things, brush advertising paper, all kinds of ways, such as mobile car ads, try to find the aunt. When asked, still worry to find aunt now? Chen Weijing composed and confident: we groped after long time practice, has the good method that can quickly find the aunt, need not worry too much. Now the main do cleaning, also began to try to carry out monthly. Billing way still calculation for the unit by the hour. Aunt cleaning tools are developed by themselves, has replaced 2 times. After a few months, finally some hit the road.

distance met last 2 months later, in 2015, hangzhou will bore – Chaos angels bay project on the road see Chen Weijing again, it was his first public speech, the hard work had been like, dressed in a domestic help white T, through the slippers, surface easily, after his speech, he said that in fact I was nervous on the stage, the stage is not expected to so natural. But the overall personal look much better than last time. Perhaps is the new home, may be made a little achievement. At present domestic help still focus to do cleaning, focusing on monthly plan, the domestic help cleaning equipment upgrade to 2.0. The current user needs 2 hours in advance reservation, can choose multiple aunt aunt enjoy door-to-door service.

after the domestic help decorate, moved and decorated 10 LouXinGu Chen Weijing invited us to visit. The elevator to the 10th floor, one went in, there is a strong feeling. The right girl and aunt is wall painting culture, the left hand side is putting a lot of sports equipment. Move down inside, then opened the kitchen door, aunts are cleaning, this is the practice room. In the domestic help, control the aunt in the age of 45 years old the following, to younger. Screening for aunt also has the strict request, lightweight heavy. After a preliminary screening, but also for theoretical study, practical training, on-site training more than 3 times, wait until it’s entirely through formal mount guard.

Chen Weijing tell hunting cloud network. At present, the aunt team also have college students this young blood, based on this, the late domestic gang of part-time work in a university campus to develop students market, aunt to the idea of career transition in the past, the aunt is no longer a career low labor status, it should be worthy of respect. While trying to open the market for college students, the domestic industry will also flow into a stream of fresh blood, to young people to change the previous view of aunt.

for recent plan, Chen Weijing also analyzes the future development of domestic help. Than in the past we are looking for the aunt help clean, generally close, evaluation of good, clean aunt time and the number of independent choice. There is a lot of room to improve, the next version will light the grade of heavy monthly, guide users monthly behavior. From the user’s point of view, the user filled out the address and groups and cleaning frequency, divided into domestic help users can through the intelligent algorithm to calculate the time needed for clean aunt, quantity and cost, cleaning time control within 5 hours. So, the whole process may be like Uber, a key order, send the most suitable aunt provide cleaning services for users.

for housekeeping has been in the field of social loafing, domestic help is also trying to solve this problem, before charging way is no longer the main way in time, quantity and the charge will take a larger proportion.

at present, domestic help mainly in hangzhou to carry out the service, the next will continue to expand market of Shanghai and Beijing. Service types are mainly the door cleaning business, the future will turn out for the home around the market direction, even different from other domestic O2O, domestic help in no hurry to expand more cities now, they are more focus on cleaning it, forming a good ecological household. Previously, domestic help angel angel bay, on the next round of financing in the near future also in the works.

still remember contact Chen Weijing is in October last year, reported today, more afterwards to talk, that is because of the character of Chen Weijing do first for he is not good at deal with media. After the moved new home, Chen Weijing personal office also became a decoration, almost oneself sit in the middle of the team is office, like a beard at the front desk.