(text/Zhang Yankang)

“can trust others, but can’t rely on others.” This is a guy for your life in their early 20 s advice. QuQing engineering college, henan junior, always wanted to do some great things in the university, or he will think university is white. He had a part-time job, but he is a part-time job intermediary cheated, side and there are many students also has been tricked, and associated with the severe employment situation for college students, in recent years simply “touch stone across the river” entrepreneurial team as a part-time service platform, campus dog.

due to the experience have been part-time intermediary cheated, QuQing feel interpersonal trust although there, but can’t long-term preservation. But also good, is still on campus is a piece of pure land. QuQing told hunting cloud network: “campus is like a dog dog faithfully service as qualified college students, college students to do nanny.” as a result, in study, life, part-time college students is closely related to the campus dog business. So far, the campus dog platform opening main business are: supermarket, express delivery, campus part-time, talent training, technical support, etc., but the core business is still a part-time job on campus.

rather than wait for conditions, conditions occur, or better is to create conditions. The operation mode of the campus the dog is to create conditions occur, it and enterprise cooperation, face-to-face fully develop campus surrounding resources, provide part-time jobs. Through and around the campus or school supermarket, dry cleaners, printing shop, Courier station cooperation, provide free business platform for the merchants, customers through the campus dog order, part-time students do errands and distribution. QuQing said, for business ability of students, they can to explore resources, campus dogs provide a platform, let them do taobao type of retailer, even running my own part-time team. Technical support is the campus the dog take the initiative to contact some entrepreneurs cooperation: part-time students and entrepreneurs to build website will technology, and fully participate in the website construction.

seemingly dog is a campus life shopping service platform, with the ordinary electric business platform. And actually, it is a campus part-time service platform. But unlike holds the part-time, part-time cat this kind of platform. Part-time jobs from enterprises and information to ensure the accuracy of the rights and interests of part-time students; Part-time cat from technological innovation information algorithm to allow the user to find out the black intermediary. campus is a real dog in depend on oneself to get part-time jobs, and the service objects are their classmates and alumni, such as QuQing said, dog is a visual campus part-time service platform.

at present, the campus dog can accept personal application for registration application for registration and groups, but can only register with student id. Register user scope has covered engineering college of south campus of henan. From long-term data for, north of zhengzhou university town 4 100000 students at colleges and universities, south university town seven universities in 135000 students, 145000 students of three universities west town, east town six universities of 156000 students, these students are dog campus service object. QuQing said, however, the campus next dog henan college of engineering is to first do business, south university city to do business. Campus dogs to go down one step a footprint, can not, after all, a bite to eat a big fat man.

today, campus dog team was founded in early 2014 to December 2014 web site online, to the App launched in May this year, has gradually began to form scale. Tilting of the campus was replaced by the qing of campus e-commerce co., LTD., QuQing also wish to become a CEO. Members of the company is composed of 11 students, and are members of the campus, they will continue to stay in the company after graduation.

at present, the campus dogs are seeking financing, mainly used for the platform to promote and labor costs.