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when we focus on the apple WWDC 2015 developers conference, the domestic smartphone market situation up again, Zhou Hongyi, lei jun, Jia Yueting this several present most of the Internet bosses together this week. As we performed a device the mutually black, xiaolicangdao “machine” deformity relay. Compared to slightly insipid WWDC 2015 conference before even more. But behind this deformity, narcissistic, exactly is the distortion of humanity or moral decay? Now, please follow our lens, walk into this section of the sm story full of enmity, search for the truth behind it.

“you love me, but I love him”

this story first President from 360 Zhou Hongyi June 9 in the morning a tweet. At that time, Zhou Hongyi through personal weibo said: qihoo completed to cool its Internet brand great god. Great god will directly by Zhou Hongyi fencing, will be released in May and cool forming dual brand strategy. Great god machine market main one thousand yuan, while cool main in the high-end market.

with the news which is associated with leader zhou “and” marry “millet” fierce offensive. Weeks leader announced a great god F1 version plus price plummeted 500 oceans. Move the breakdown is a previously created 499 yuan red rice 2 a low record, makes the machine following brand one thousand yuan to one thousand. Weeks hierarch of attack, is ripped the current market price one thousand yuan machine bottom pants. Of course, in the eyes of weeks hierarch, 399 yuan, 399 yuan a great god machine nature also new domestic national mobile phone new benchmark for the 4 g era.

it is clear that the great god became another chasing the millet red rice series brand. Weeks hierarch and fall in love with millet. Hierarch and weeks for millet “love”, not only embodies in a great god the are lower than those of low price, the speed of 360 released the router is not reflected in today’s follow up; Leader zhou to more embodied in the millet millet full range of learning.

perhaps should be the words of the so-called “love is love his all. Weeks hierarch sensitivity to m is the deep love and crazy. It more than once in 360 and the great god of personal weibo criticism, a variety of marketing methods to design all kinds of document. Refers to its insufficiency, its true. More than once in weibo grovelling, called on all company personnel in the gourd painting gourd ladle learning millet marketing communication, document writing, poster design, conference PPT, etc. And on the basis of learning and millet than configuration, price, to see who is truly a national mobile phone. Nature is such a court in order to “from now on,” marry “millet”. Have to say, the price is the temptation is irresistible to consumers, price 399 yuan of the great god at June 11 for activities, 18 minutes three hundred thousand units were sold out.

although weeks, deeply in love with millet, but Michael gave the Letv, enthusiasm for a 10, the theme of “all rivers run into sea” conference held, he expressed more is to “Letv,” why can’t we together regret “(irony, of course). After he announced a millet content with a $1 billion construction achievement: bacc the alliance, absorbed included youku potatoes, iQIYI, co-sponsored by the film and television, etc., including more than 100 companies, of which, the top 12 video website in ten content cooperation with millet, millet, with the content of the market share of more than 85%. Television broadcast platform, access to the current millet copyrighted video content amounted to 18051 units, millet mobile phone for 33213 units, hardware terminal total $access video content.

and in front of this distinction, ray, a booth will be more willing to hot looking Letv. However ray booth in expression love Letv means somewhat arbitrary. Millet useful up idiomatic “refuses to run a points”. Of course with friends in the business of Letv “content points” run the contrast of the game, millet nature is victory. A data contrast, Letv content was her pride of easing the bit in. According to stare at a video shows a millet employees sleepless number of data results show that in millet on TV, film first, total 2.4 times is bad. TV series first, total is 1.4 times of bad; First, variety show total 6.7 times is bad; Anime first, total is 1.1 times of bad; Documentary first, total 4 times is bad; Five total content is 2 times of bad. In millet, millet is not only in the content on this crucial occupied the absolute superiority, there is no charge for more content features, millet bundling not hegemony and the annual fee charging users.

and after all this rolling, ray booth shouted out to more of a comedy with apparent happy playing together. : ha ha, indeed as expected bullying leadership girlies completely crush you is not only the value, but also want you to fall in love with me, follow me “. However, “love” this thing is so wonderful, even if you are bullying leaders, not feeling is not feeling, force.

a beloved with apple’s music visual hegemony of millet Michael made a ruthless love response: two thousand words long weibo, slitting explains why cannot accept millet bullying courtship. More express, in general, the millet in “in the face of complete music depending on the ecological and hot super cell phone, friends really scared. Under pressure, do not hesitate to lies and homing from risks to mislead, misleading media, to mislead users. Is really to black, invincible.” The last sentence “Too old, Too naive, sometimes a liar” more breaks dominating the President’s heart. At this point, a quarrel because do not love the drama began to great.

each abacus


however, this “but love is to be” the pursuit of the appearance of the game, look at this week on the deformed relay love inside, we can find that in this game, the learning and quarrel coexist, laughter and guns come together. 360 and treat millet Letv a rapidly emerging giant, different style. No matter what kind of style, however, the reality behind is the weak to the challenges of the strong desire, its purpose is to expect quick filling their short board, grab more consumers, in some ways a force, let itself a place in the target market, make their own capital more story to tell.

in 360, the attack from the fire, to today’s “fall in love with millet. Behind it is the history of 360 after the special supply machine project forays, the surprisingly cool and great spirit again the two brands. In the hope that its in the smartphone market try again to get the success. And hope that the success of the mobile phone to revitalize its hoard of mobile power and links of its intelligent hardware platform is taking shape, create intelligent ecological integration of hard and soft platform of 360. Weeks hierarch the core terminal to need to use mobile phones as the 360 existing resources platform for the display and control center, the more powerful synergy of burst into power.

however, in this unprecedented fierce competition, consumer expectations have been marketing high s. 360 although my hand hammering, headed by security how cool, a great god led by two brands of smart hardware. But so far, 360 is still only talk in the smartphone market, but not out of true weapons. On the hardware, cool cell phone still smell its voice only, no man; Great god although mobile phones in 2014 created nearly ten million sets of sales performance, but in front of millet red rice series, sales is still in the shade. On the more important software, 360 mobile OS still see propaganda of millet, but not its original appearance, its experience, still unknown.

but in contrast, millet, the moment one of the core competitiveness of beautiful MIUI is millet, after several version change, beautiful MIUI was unanimously considered to be the best android ROM, it has already had billions of users. In front of the huge user base gap, 360 since ancient times has learned to industry rules of predecessors trees descendants cool. Draw lessons from predecessors and absorb the experience of predecessors, merits our advantage, try to reduce their own costs. And find the pain points of millet users, beating millet seven inches, to their advantage. So, leader zhou completed in announced the acquisition of a great god day, with 399 one thousand yuan price breakdown current machine industry pants, strike a chord of consumers are sensitive to prices.

finished 360, nature can’t forget the scene, a central figure in the millet. The millet domineering “love music”, from “you walk you of highway, I had my wooden bridge” to fire the sky today, close combat. Its the reality behind not only has a short limit what millet TV due to previous sales is far less than expected, since can’t support the positioning for millet core business; Content, while at the same time, with advantages of music depending on the performance of the super TV very grab an eye) more millet mobile phone the absolute core business is suffering from a series of new brands to price bottom pants rip industry low prices. (natural and Letv announced its smartphone BOM cost) which is leading in the domestic smartphone market advantage of millet in the face of the domestic smartphone users most has the low loyalty, affected by the price of apparent reality, not only seriously, is to let oneself of the high-end transformation.

smartphones high-end needs rapid transformation of millet can open another capital story of big business, to continue to increase millet ecology can be continuity of the story. And millet TV that lei jun serious millet intelligent household natural ecological layout is one of the three core business first. The television business, however, is its core content. To supplement the short board, spent billions of dollars to the content of the construction of the millet, necessarily with the same ecological story telling and have their own leader in the smart TV content depending on competing. The hegemony of the love, maybe is just the beginning, and then more close combat is the watch.

this is lei jun in the conference call friends Letv, its like millet, the same stories is extreme anti ecological capital. Le regard ecological capital story from depending on the content of their advantages in series. Letv their content is the key to its ecological story. Also, depending on their content advantage, regard to launch the super TV, dare to release the BOM cost of the phone. Is joy see hope of profit has its own content service charge. So as the music depending on the content of the key advantages of natural capital story will be easing the bit in, has been questioned. However their taboo set foot by strong competitor millet and easing the bit in Letv intense fire is also understandable.

in the word “friend” s meaning has soured, chalking up to you to me to pinch the mutually black should be considered in order to survive under the cutthroat and shall not to move. But on the other people’s bones, the achievement of his own achievements, although is means, is the ability, but after all is not moral. So as far as I am concerned, I prefer fewer domestic manufacturers can rage, less grievances; Some more friendly, more cooperation. Yet the deformity of the relay love who is a winner, and how will the summary? In fact, this relationship again, not a loser, everyone is a winner. All won the attention of consumers, are in full force, and how he was going to end, perhaps the next wave of hot spots such as quarrel with the coming of the topic, they also will naturally have a break.

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