the Disney company recently announced the second batch will join the Disney startup accelerator. The acceleration of the project will be for three months, provide entrepreneurial guidance by satellites, each participating company will also get a $120000 investment.

although the beginning we ever wonder what such collaboration accelerator can bring to the company benefits, however the participation of the first companies to dispel our doubts performances: all of these companies or later successful financing, have either by purchase or companies benefit on the right track.

last year the number of the most outstanding in the company are: SnowShoe, a research on how to make plastic pieces to interact with your digital equipment company. SnowShoe from Lowercase Capital, Foundry Group of angel investor consortium, VC and investors get $3.5 million in seed funding.

last year, another member of the accelerator is designed to do Snapchat Naritiv marketing platform. Naritiv recently announced its Pretty Little Liars market activities have accumulated at least 1.3 million Snapchat fans.

here are 2015 Disney accelerator project included in the list:

Decisive: this is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, can optimize the mobile advertising market let advertisers based on user engagement activities.

EMOTIV: the company has developed a new device, you can track your mental state, monitoring, and control with the thought of virtual objects and physical objects.

FEM Inc. : this is a send video content to the web site or application platform.

HYP3R: HYP3R can help enterprises to identify influential customers, at the same time encourage them to participate in business activities.

imperson: imperson gives fans a can communicate with their favorite movies, the characters in the TV series of artificial intelligence platform.

Littlstar: Littlstar gathered from the Internet to collect the best content of virtual reality.

MakieLab: MakieLab created for the children of 3 d printing custom dolls, children can also give the doll to join elements such as personal preference.

Open Bionics: the company provides the amputee low-cost 3 d printing bionic hand.

Pundit: Pundit can let people on Twitter use audio to play “ Ask Me Anything ” (AMAs).

StatMuse: through natural language query, sports fans can look for related to all kinds of sports in the StatMuse and statistical data.

today, these companies will be in Disney and began with support from the media leadership three-month accelerator project. According to the plan, the project will be held in Los Angeles on October 6, publicly perform, all participating companies will show in front of investors since this period of time.


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