went to the restaurant to take line? Order, add water, check out loudly call the waiter? Pay to cash or credit card to the checkout counter? Invoice information to confirm over and over again. This series of questions is not only a waste of time and unavoidably affect the dining mood patrons, recently cloud network focus on hunting products “dinner” is dedicated to solving these problems of users.

“dinner” focus on the service the whole process of eating, using the mobile Internet technology and intelligent terminal, to improve the guest dining experience and enhance the level of service of the restaurant. The user can enter the restaurant directly scan qr code according to determine the input functions for mobile phone number, I take your order. Each table of qr code, representing different identities, sit at the same table more than temporary communities can be created by the background online self-help order at the same time, the real-time control food quantity, amount, the waiter just download the App and don’t have to wait in the side, diners waiter will click on the confirmation synchronous receive information; Add water, add, urged other services can be achieved through a click, without the guest again shout waiter; Diners can also input the invoice looked up online, through the micro letter, pay treasure to pay online, save time in the check-out queues.

in addition, customers can view the progress of food, need not repeatedly asked the waiter, save the communication cost; Restaurant food and beverage promotions will be instant push; Guests can also be for food and restaurant service quality thumb up, complaints, communication, etc.

for the restaurant, not only can save the waiter labor costs, such as increase the rate of restaurant turned Taiwan, managers also can examine its operating data through mobile phone anytime and anywhere; Evaluation data, complaints, etc. Also can automatically generate reports, provide a reference for rewards and punishments and improve services, so as to improve the whole service level of the restaurant.

“dinner” is launched at the end of June this year, the current experiment in collaboration with a restaurant. Founder Huang Hongxian tell hunting cloud network, the user to store repast, scan the qr code using “dinner” order, accept service people account for 50% of the total number of repast. By scanning the small gifts will be marketing methods, such as changing the user’s habits.

users in micro letter side scan qr code to order, add water and other services, is more easy to promote relative to download the App. But the word of long-term development, the enterprise develops is on the basis of the degree of market development to promote their own App. In addition, the team will develop product features to let the user can be realized in the outside order, booking in advance, or later can provide the dear ones service to users, such as the need of users, deferred payment “dinner” can be the first to restaurant advances, etc.

when it comes to the construction of business model, co-founder Zhang Zeyong tell hunting cloud network, the way of cooperation with merchants is free, but for the restaurant’s evaluation data, customer management, the complaint data of analysis will charge a fee accordingly. Offline will also cooperate with some drinks manufacturers, by helping manufacturers promotion way gradually achieve corporate earnings in the restaurant.

Huang Hongxian, senior software development, in the uf software for many years. In the management of software development, design, etc, has a wealth of experience and strategic vision. Zhang Zeyong, project management master degree of university of Warwick, successively service domestic IT industry giant, foreign capital company, Asia’s largest creative companies, as well as TV media and the Internet industry. Team 7 people at present.

Huang Hongxian told hunting cloud network, the company has yet to obtain financing, financing needs, money will be used for business development, obtained in-depth development, talent introduction, and office needs, etc.