(/li-mei zhou wen)

anime in the eyes of most people is considered a “niche”, the concept of online animation, comic book we are not unfamiliar, but involves the anime social platform is relatively small, and hunting today cloud network to introduce “zhang comipaw” is a social platform in the field of perpendicular to the anime.

founder zhang wei is a veteran anime fans, after graduating from college also chose to work in the animation industry. “In 2014, only the sichuan region, the number of thousands of anime fair, 150 times, tens of thousands of thirteen times, and every summer there are 1 to 2 times per week on average, such a high frequency of who lacked a platform for them to organize, share, exchange activity.” Zhang wei told hunting cloud network. Therefore, zhang wei founded the diffuse, want to share for animation enthusiasts to provide a social platform of the communication.

users can be launched a campaign on the platform, to raise money, raise, raise the people, to find like-minded partners to participate in the activities. Involve people with common interests in and completion of a common love, is the aim of the diffuse palm. At present, the technology of the diffuse palm team have two, three operating personnel, android version of the App has been launched in April, the iOS version is still in development, registered users, 2500 test phase.

now in diffuse palm animation community is divided into offline entities “community” and online “.net community “, such as the former southwest jiaotong university anime club, near eastern memory anime club, etc. It is worth mentioning that diffuse palm were yet to import the seeds of the user is offline famous animation community of users, such as good ICOMIC organizing committee, the organizing committee of the Comiday, photograph union, electronic anime club, sichuan anime club, west anime club, etc. Zhang wei said: “this part of the seed users, will all import after iOS online, one-time lit the entire southwest region.”

the most core function of diffuse palm is for users to organize activities of anime, distribution information. Promoter activity in editor mode, time, place, promotion activity to figure, contact information can be completed, similar to stick to post. Normal user logged in, you can easily find the entire city of off-line animation resources, diffuse palm will be according to the location, interests, referring users to the latest, recently, the strongest association. In addition, the palm can be recommended for the user cartoon-like stores, like yuan pocket, maid, etc. Users to join the club, after the next logon community page will display join the club, in the dating circle to find like-minded partners.

at present, focus on projects in the field of animation can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is to do the online animation, comics, such as pudding animation, bi li bi li animation, animation most complete online updates for the user; Another kind is anime social, such as Cos control, is committed to provide information for ACG fans, display, social networking, shopping one-stop service products. In addition, some platform to start from the online comic and animation to anime social, such as front draw anime.

although diffuse palm is also based on the social anime, but the difference lies in the diffuse palm combines offline and online. Users of online communication at the same time, can participate in the offline all kinds of animation, and this is the difference between their type.

business model, users to participate in the cartoon, can produce clothing, photography, the demand such as props, part hands-on ability of users, such as dressers, props, photographer, painting and so on can be through the platform to provide the corresponding services, in order to earn a fee. Said zhang wei convective cloud network, cartoon industry early if hard profit too early, late will be conducive to the development of, so the most important work is focused on the user. Early will pass tickets, advertising, membership, provide services to achieve some small profit, medium-term will face the enterprise level provide some anime related services to cash. In the future, diffuse palm also consider the use of existing resources in some electricity and original attempt.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, diffuse angel round financing plans in the works.