once the three levels of the national sanshou championship, executives did fitness coach and the recreation center, the elephant brother introduced a healthy cat in March. “Of the elephant, network all over the world, to others and not to anping ty. We hope to build a large platform. Fairness, justice, peace, to win more, “the elephant brother smile:” the team is very young, but is a veteran of the Internet.”

actually exercise field tuyere is filled in recent years. Venue booking online scene manufacture, off-line, sports coaches, as well as the future can be a data terminal intelligent hardware, all in the gym is on the agenda for the public environment. And elephant brother told cloud network hunting, healthy cat who wants to do is to take some exercise and make an appointment to coach as a market introduction: we buy cosmetics think beauty is superior, buy electrical appliances of jingdong, take car think drops uber, one day be mentioned health industry people think of the cat.

App build green fresh interface, has launched about teaching, about friends, four plates power circle, power products. Compared with the thermal refining, the city is called practice, healthy cat in terms of personal training had been deemed more strict access mechanism. The online personal health cover for the national championship 2000, the project over 300 world champion and Olympic champion. In personal training more than 20000. Healthy cat involved in institutions of higher learning has reached more than 130, the independent system contains the sports colleges and universities of Taipei, etc. 15. Is the resource of health can cat came top.

exercise to lose weight, how many people in heat waves surging heroism to the very bottom of my heart, but a “full to have strength to lose weight” will fill full schedule for some food and shatter. Fitness is not just to today’s market, how to adhere to the fitness is just need to be. WeCoach and a series of intelligent hardware largely in the form of artificial intelligence to achieve high standardization. But lacking a encouragement and supervision mechanism. Cut to the fitness market segment, “professional” + “encouragement” is a healthy cat you can achieve.

on the business model, healthy cat previous build is a pure free platform. Platform and personal training is not divided into mechanism. Now charge standard national championship 500/h, the Olympic champion in 1000-1500/h. So on the one hand, to need to do card, broke the traditional pay an annual fee, in order to reduce pay particles, and personal “high pretend bility” zero distance contact platform for the atmosphere to promote public engagement. On the other hand is a transformation of traditional Chinese sports system, largely avoid the “Thomas swing” again.

“doing O2O platform is divided into two reconnect and light connection. Connection inadhesion, connection will be very painful. A really good O2O must appear in the form of platform. Form through subsidies, can let the participants through the platform to get real benefits, achieve win-win.” Brother elephants with hunting cloud network chat, O2O sports industry focused on the highly revitalize the online connection, offline resources. Grasp the sports talents, venue of the two kinds of idle resources, to avoid “teaching ability not equal to the user, everybody disappointed” state, break the status quo of much cry and little wool, play a precise anti-aircraft gun at the target.

healthy cats this week will launch “venue” section, revitalize the B side. By day cooperation venue at least 1000, is expected to reach 3000 a month, three months of 5000-10000. Subsequent diet therapy, psychological emotional tone will launch, complete health industry platform to build.

3.28. 5.6 formal trial operation. Team of 30 people or so. Not to push the team. At present nearly 300000 users. Average daily living around 12%, the highest 15%. Since the 5.6 day operations to 31, 25 tiantai volume of 38 million. Volumes in June 63 million. On 15th, July 1 solstice has reached 60 million, turnover will exceed one hundred million yuan in July. As for the future the elephant brother led the team and his health after the 90 cat said what a good story, to be continued.