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with the development of Internet, e-commerce, B2B, C2B, C2C and other new business models also arises at the historic moment, these patterns are significantly changed people’s spending habits and way of buying. No recent hot spot of e-commerce, it must belong to “O2O”, from cleaning, manicure, haircut to tutor, take-out, decorate, O2O proliferated in every field, almost includes all aspects of life services. Hunting of cloud network focus on the recent “devoted to adjacent quick fix” is a focus on the family repair in the field of App, when meets O2O family maintenance, and sparks of how?

devoted to adjacent quick fix is a location-based mobile App, focus on solve the maintenance problems. Users in the stranger quickly posted on App maintenance requirements, system background after receiving the user’s needs matching in two ways: one is intelligent matching, push system based on user demand within 5 km of teacher, the preferred push score higher teacher, was pushed master will be robbed to single way and users to connect; One is the system background personnel according to the needs of users, artificial master pushed to the user. Master general response to the demand of time in 10 minutes, founder Huang Libing tell hunting cloud network.

at the end of march this year, Huang Libing and li handle macro founders began to be devoted to quick fix this project, li handle macro on traditional industries, has extensive experience in property management and abundant resources; Huang Libing technical background, has been engaged in the mobile Internet industry for 12 years, and experienced in product operation, etc. When it comes to be devoted to the purpose of the quick fix, “now the owner of maintenance cost is very high, but because some of the intermediate links, maintenance teacher’s income but no change; And post maintenance of small advertising let owner in inside the village, the relationship between the property and the owner is always opposite.” Huang Libing tell hunting cloud network. He hopes devoted to adjacent fast repairing platform, at the same time of regulating the relationship between property and owner to improve teacher’s income maintenance.

at present, devoted to adjacent fast repair services provided by the “lock switch lock”, “home appliance maintenance”, “home improvements” three major categories, in particular, are “plumbing”, “air conditioning maintenance”, “installation of lamps and lanterns” and so on. Master maintenance are classified according to the service type, devoted to adjacent quick fix will be the choice of maintenance master has its own standard, have entity shop or non-store but skill is very good. Platform of teacher training before mount guard, including appraisal of user’s service standards and skills will experience after the internship and positive period. Strict selection criteria for maintenance of the master, is devoted to quickly repair guarantee of the quality of service. In terms of price transparency, Huang Libing said that for each project and project details will make the price under investigation, according to the statistics of the price list to is to realize the transparent quotation, price adjustments will be based on user feedback. But because the product launched just before long, the number of users is limited, the feedback is limited, so there are still inadequate in terms of price.

devoted to adjacent fast like Uber, drops, construct an O2O platform, the maintenance of the master and the consumer resources, to provide consumers with convenient service quickly, increase teacher income. Its own profit by extracting the middle cost, the late development of the enterprise service is one of the profitable way. In terms of competing goods, the main household maintenance on-site service project is not much more special, hunting cloud network understand basically have to make an appointment to give priority to provide door-to-door service “universal little elder brother”, through the phone failure, system matching to the master of a clap a repair and in June 2014 in xi ‘an online E quick fix etc.

it is understood that devoted to adjacent fast online in early June, at present the main cover for chengdu city, to chongqing, kunming in October. Team self-raised late 3 million start the project, financing needs, will be mainly used for market expansion and team.