cloud network hunting note: have a good business idea? Have the funds can be powerful App, created by Gigster in Gigster is one that provides the omni-directional service platform,

just Gigster on site and instant messaging to communicate with sales engineers, tell them your idea, then ten minutes to get the specific quotations and overhead cost. Give Gigster first right, it will manage a group of elite programmers and designers to create your products, and feedback the report every week. Once you take over this project, Gigster can even help you maintain code, can spend money to increase or upgrade function.

in the tech world there are a lot of the phenomenon of talent shortage, for a fledgling start-ups, it is difficult to attract a good engineer, especially when they are near the center of the city like San Francisco. Gigster can help entrepreneurs develop a minimum feasibility of affordable products, so they can get the funds needed for the founded the company and attractive.

this belongs to the Y Combinator start-up obtained from accelerator to $2.5 million, got the Greylock Partners, Bloomberg Beta and Felicis Ventures, coupled with a large number of top angel investors such as AngelList Naval Ravikan, Facebook Messenger Stan Chudnovsky and Twitch Emmit Shear support. In order to establish credibility, and in the field Gigster over the next few weeks will discount the price very attractive, so now it is high time to their App dreams come true.

fierce competition

Gigster, co-founder of Roger Dickey said: “from elementary school to start coding, I often go to school every couple of days in the floppy disk containing different programs.” Love of rapid prototyping makes him through his own company Curiosoft (sold to the company in 2008) developed the App, he created in this company very successful game Mafia Wars, after leaving investment activity began in 2011.

Dickey constructed last year 15 different ideas, tried to obtain victory in it can have a weapon, but in the process, he realized that outsourcing is a very difficult thing, similar to the fast-growing and Elance (now Upwork) such a large market will force buyers to review a lot of developers and their offer, work cannot be guaranteed and the quality difference is very big also.

when testing the fast-growing Dickey and his co-founder Debo Olaosebikan in the same project enjoys different quotation from $22 to $50000, the biggest problem is that the buyer must be in the process of the whole management of developer, this is notoriously time-consuming and difficult, outsourcing isn’t supposed to reduce our workload? Crew and Toptal can preview their hands again freelancers, but all the management problems still exist.

open management

Gigster has solved the problem, it will be assigned to a project manager to manage your hands 100% of developers, become the important link between the two sides, if the project delay, Gigster allocates more developers follow up or fire underperforming staff to achieve complete on time.

the company dealing with top talent, only apply for freelancers only 7.7% will be Gigster admitted, the enterprise employees in some companies from Google or Stripe, they are looking for additional items, some of them are MIT or CalTech student, want to earn some pocket money, or the entrepreneurs part-time to pay my bills.

the bidding or directly and they do not need to deal with annoying buyers communication, as long as the project manager from Gigster there to accept instructions to finish line, one of the students struggle two all night at the weekend after completed a project, earned $10000.

Dickey took me feeling the whole process:

“for example, if you want to build a takeaway pizza Uber, Gigster sales engineers will ask you some details, like:” what is the delivery process of do you want? Do you want to use your own brand type service? Need to display the send out time?” After they know will get the budget and work plan, you pay it by Stripe. As for the backend, we will form a team for you, including a project manager, one or more engineers and UX/UI designer, will start to follow up and update every week.”

but Gigster has some defects, it is specialized is engaged in the engineering design, rather than it does project sleek, UI interface pursue utility, but if a user wants to some on their own projects to add some aesthetic feeling, he may have to find other companies or contact Gigster talent in this field.

Gigster still need to build trust, large companies like IBM and Infosys due to its own credibility will get a lot of outsourcing, but Gigster will persuade people in here to spend money they eliminate management problem is worth it, even if the problem is not a long time.

Pivotal Labs looks Gigster a formidable rival, but Pivotal Labs for enterprises with certain well-knownness and after B round startup, its internal engineers can even go to the client’s office door to door service, but it means that those who are not assigned to employees have a high interest rate subsidies.

Gigster is established for the small start-up companies or products, and it on-call freelancers away system don’t need you to give my project work staff subsidies. If Gigster is developers Uber, Pivotal is hiring a private driver for you.

it can use Gigster Dickey believe that if that it only takes $10000 to $15000 to build the 15 App, but in fact he spent about $1 million, and now he always cared for others to solve the problems encountered in the process of software development, “outsourcing” is not necessarily a dirty word.


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