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wants to learn how to dance? Dance tutorial is multifarious, online training is expensive, time-consuming long. If one can share the dance of the tutorial App, would dance become an easy thing? In recent days, the hunters cloud network focus on the “dance” is a social sharing platform of dance teaching.

qiu-sheng guo, founder of the convective cloud network said, opt for a “dance”, is to want to solve the dance training venue, teaching time restricted, groom cost expensive, such as limited teaching resources, training effect is uneven pain points. Therefore, dance dance zero base of users against offering free online share dance courses, like dancing, a temporary performance performance need users to be able to learn how to dance anytime and anywhere.

dance android version of the App launch in early April, users has exceeded 110000 +, downloads of + 50000. IOS version launched in the middle of July, now belongs to the beta. At present, the function of the dance mainly embodied in the following four aspects:

training venue: dance dance academy nearly all tutorials, including square dance, a ghost step dance, modern dance, classical dance, hip-hop, yoga, belly dance, the children’s dance and dance types, to some extent can meet different ages, different dance interest demand. The user simply classified according to dance, find oneself to like the type of learning.

the dance circle: users can browse through this section to dance friends dynamic, release dance, team practice dancing, at the invitation of the learning process. Qiu-sheng guo said: “on the basis of social dance is based on dance teaching, will overcome the limit of time and space, of course, frequent interaction between the user to a certain extent can strengthen the viscosity between the user and platform.”

performances, dance every day to update some teaching video, and then recommend to the user through the selection, of course, some users will also be released in the dance circle own demand, dance is also based on user needs targeted recommend to users.

topics: this section recommends fitness, health information to users, combined with text, images, video presentation. In addition, also included tips, remind consumer to prevent injury in the process of practice.

now focused on dance teaching platform, according to different requirements of different vertical segment, such as focus on user dance “dance”, “dance circle”, can provide users with a lot of dance teaching course. Them more, by contrast, is aimed at users have dance foundation, teaching isolations is relatively simple. Dance and dance is for zero basis of amateur, isolations in video tutorial is the combination of text and video tutorials, and on the isolations are more careful, and easy to understand.

qiu-sheng guo said, after the dance will try to on line and dance training organizations, sports fitness agencies to provide online courses, the formation of online education platform. At the same time, through the online guide, the agency with the dance connected interactive user, let the agency more easy to find students, let the dance lovers online according to their own need to choose the most appropriate field teaching dance training, fitness and/or institutions. In addition, the dance will open dance appliance electricity sector, through the dance costumes, props, fitness equipment to make a profit.

at present, qiu-sheng guo 1 individual responsible for product development, operations, dance of users increasing at a speed of 1500 + per day, he was a bit overwhelmed, is planning to establish project technology development, operation, marketing team. Qiu-sheng guo said: “the hope that through this platform let zero foundation, dance dance amateur feel learning is easy, let users form to sing sing, to dance find dance consciousness.”

according to cloud network hunting, dance have not yet received the investment, are looking for an angel round.