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taobao, Vipshop, jingdong, such as the emergence of the electricity, let women love shopping saves out of trouble. However, the choice of the mass and let them see spent eyes are still hard to pick the right clothes. Very not easy to buy back a seemingly solid, put behind also often become a “black edition buyers show”. D4ME, they seem to is tangled provides a new solution.

D4ME named inspiration from the Dress for me, for each customer tailored Dress up, is a focus for white-collar female online modeling services professional platform, launched in the middle of June. With the traditional electric business platform to run quantity, low price, the same characteristics, D4ME more emphasis on personal, private, provides unique modelling results and dress collocation.

D4ME target groups aimed at women are willing to invest personal image management, user opens D4ME website (website currently being debugged, temporarily shut down) or micro public letter number, don’t see any product information, also do not have product search box, only registered members, to create an online include body temperament, dressing profile preferences, as well as the budget price information, fill in shipping address. Subsequently, professional fashion stylist will according to these information, for the user to pick out 3-5 pieces for her clothes or accessories and sent to her home. After users at home and try it on, leave a satisfactory item, will not be satisfactory return. If the user keep entirely, will enjoy a discount.

platform modelling division from the professional model agency, the offline services an average of up to 1500 yuan/hour, ensure the tie-in effect. Thousands of yuan from clinch a deal, the guest unit price, the user after purchase rate more than 20% at present.

D4ME, founder and CEO Chen Yanbei, partners are two young beautiful women, Wang Xiuzhu Wang Xiuzhu when studying in the United States has online stylist service experience, for the first time, is satisfied with the result, this also is one of the reasons why the D4ME she co-founded.

in foreign countries, the modelling of Stitch, Fix for a similar service, has won tens of millions of dollars in 2013 C round of financing, but more Stitch, Fix position in the clothing retailer, rather than personal stylists, and more high-end D4ME in view of the crowd.

Chen Yanbei tell cloud network, hunting D4ME for a long time in the future will focus on online stylist service supremely well. First heard “a lot of people will think we are a beauty industry service, but it is not. Although O2O now very hot, the localization of D4ME is electricity, the future will have for a few members of offline value-added services, we will not blindly to financing stunt or fashionable transition to O2O.” Chen Yanbei said.

at present, in D4ME platform of single model fee is 99 yuan, is not to be back. In the future, paying members, cooperate with the brand, offline value-added services, all can make a profit.

the D4ME first money paid for by founding team, angel round has officially started.

name: fascinated D4ME
Company: Shanghai sharp fei electronic commerce co., LTD.

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