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the contact is a real-time online customer service tools, users only need to log in to the development of the HTML 5 workbench can be used, with the contact App can realize mobile phone customer service.

the contact of the core function is to provide users with a platform of communication with the customer. Through the enterprise desktop website, mobile website, mobile application, weibo, micro letter of public channels and beauty contact connection, the user can directly contact in the United States “one-stop” work style to communicate with the customers from different channels, can send text, images, voice, video, etc. This way of working is helpful to solve cross-platform and multi-channel communication between enterprises and customers, to better improve the quality of customer service and efficiency.

at the same time, the section also provides users with marketing data and comparing the same trade data, can intelligent analysis the distribution of visits, inquiries, can also judge that some properties and the basis of customer source, help enterprises to better customer service team to carry out marketing decisions.

The purpose of the

founded the contact from Charles huang, founder of work experience. Before Charles huang jin road network in chengdu science and technology is engaged in the Internet back in business, he found the pain points of small and medium-sized enterprises promotion is not that how to use advertising exposure, but how the advertisement flow into orders, small and medium-sized enterprises can bring them more willing to pay for performance pay, improve sales tool. “Beauty section is to help the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) connected with the customers. No matter the customer from which channel can be unified by the contact to provide service, “said Charles huang.

according to hunt cloud network learned that there are 15000 companies using the contact, in more than 2000 new customers. In terms of business model, the contact is free + charge of model – based functions are free products for the most part, but to a certain scale enterprises or advanced features, users need to pay to use.

authority, according to data from around the world, customer service tool was already has more than $7.5 billion in 2013 to market demand, and steady growth year by year. The industry also bred the Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom the market value of billions of dollars in listed companies.

with the vigorous development of the Internet, the domestic enterprise is becoming more and more pay attention to Internet marketing and online services, has 10 years experience in customer service tools such as Live800, music, etc., focus on the desktop site, or are rooted in a certain fixed vertical, witnessed the glory days of online customer service market. As a rising star of the contact, it is based on the emerging needs of the development of the mobile Internet, positioning and small and medium-sized enterprises, and focus on the mobile end.

Charles huang told cloud network, hunting on the future development, the contact in the field of mobile terminal customer communication will take this further, still committed to the mobile terminal customer service software technology development and user experience innovation, efforts to promote mobile online customer service software industry innovation.