(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

devoted to adjacent dating App is based on a true community, through the stranger adjacent, user not only, and living with a neighbourhood dating community interaction, also can real-time understand small latest announcement. In addition to the social function, devoted to life services were provided for the user, such as convenience stores, second-hand transactions, generation of driving around to make an appointment, sought treatment, bubble washing (merchants), etc.

cloud network hunting, devoted to adjacent team development of two other App – devoted to adjacent faster repair & amp; People’s optimal purchase synchronous online, also provide on-site maintenance and fresh distribution services, respectively, in addition to download the use, the user can also devoted to adjacent App link directly. Since launched last November, devoted to close to 120000 users, mainly concentrated in major cities throughout the country.
Founder Huang Libing comes from the countryside, he thinks rural neighborhood relations are very close, and in the city, neighborhood, though eager to know each other, help each other, but wariness of strong, devoted to adjacent hopes to break the alert, and retain the warmth of the neighborhood. He told hunting cloud network, through the stranger nearby, we hope that the user’s life more convenient, in fact some users are very concerned about the message inside the, like community activities, the thieves appear ever, etc. For some women after 80 users, they have stepped into the stage of parenting, parenting experience exchange demand; For some men, they will usually meet movement, such as football. In fact, the community is a relatively high degree of trust environment, user can meet these requirements.

at the same time, we also hope to establish contact between owners and property, in some communities, the communication between property and the owner is not harmonious, after the owner to buy a house will focus on residential environment, parking, security, and associated with parenting problem, once the communication, the property’s position also become very difficult, in the past property information transfer between client and generally through print advertising, how can let the property a better service to owner? Devoted to adjacent expects to infuse the concept of intelligent community, as the iteration of the product and market opening gradually.

Huang Libing tell hunting cloud network, in the early message does not intend to rapid commercialization, and expect users to expand and the spread of high quality information. Excessive commercialization hurt the user experience, such as ding dong village, although got hundreds of millions of financing, but because money too fast, have had to scale back the market range. On the promotion, devoted to neighbouring will pay attention to the industry cooperation and resource will exchange and integration around the merchants to provide value-added services, in the offline merchants to carry out community activities, and improve the online users and active.

it is known that Huang Libing in the Internet industry for more than ten years, the management of the company operations, as well as the design of the product research and development has a rich experience, has worked in SYNNEX, jingdong, IJO, etc.

at the beginning of the creation, Huang Libing self-raised 3 million startup capital, and its core team Huang Libing said, for the strategic project, plans to raise the value of 10 million.