commercial real estate management platform (View The Space) has just received $21 million in The new round of financing, to help real estate owners, brokers and investors use data to make a decision.

B round by OpenView Venture Partners, led, Trinity Partners involved, also its value for VTS at about $100 million.

“real estate is a huge market, it is one of the world’s largest asset classes.” Responsible for OpenView Marcus said the investment of Adam. “But the way people manage assets is very old, they still use Excel, information is passed on the paper.”

by VTS, brokers, owners, investors can use any equipment instant cooperation to manage their assets. All news about for sale, real estate and potential customers will enter this platform, analysis table will bring about a particular building, tenants and market trend of the data integration in together.

considering the commercial real estate is a $12 trillion industry, if we can data oriented to make a decision, then the related everyone can save a lot of time and money.

if a property owner found that looking for the office of science and technology company increased by 25%, and that he can knock off a few wall, built several conference rooms, set the space to fit the size of the startup, and then he can and on behalf of science and technology company, agent cooperation, to ensure that the trade fair.

before the establishment of VTS, its co-founder Ryan Masiello and Nick Romito real estate broker in New York for nine years, so they know what is the problem to be solved.

VTS platform now has about 1.5 billion square feet of real estate (compare, Manhattan in 2013, 520 million square feet of office space), there has been a lot of real estate bosses and real estate brokerage company in the use of VTS, including Blackstone and JLL.

the proceeds will be used to promote the development of the company in the United States and worldwide expansion, including office was set up in London, Sydney and at the end of this year.

“we don’t want to limit in this business, but to real estate transactions in all places with us.” Romito said. “It may take two years or five years, but the speed of our development is now ten times as much as we expected.”


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