in a released a mobile phone can online line the next tsunami era, do share technology community projects? Such as octopus burning.

founder and CEO Xie Zhibin, he was called Chinese fir. After 90. A former pconline editor. Slightly MOE.

began to do takoyaki Xie Zhibin is not a version. He wants to use the name of a materialized to build a community, name similar to the nut. In the most intelligent animals list, octopus 8th. He laughed: “before the seven have been used up, then ‘octopus’ group features and technology enthusiast, this is a technology enthusiast.”

hunting cloud: Chinese fir, less about how to post quality guarantee?

Xie Zhibin: our original user groups can do high quality posts. Because itself is digital science and technology circle senior amateur, at first through its own circle bring high-quality user resources into early a share of the atmosphere. Yet, it is as if in a famous restaurant everyone wearing GUCCI, you embarrassed to wear $10 T. Into a circle, will abide by the rules and instructions of the circle.

cloud: hunting about octopus?

Xie Zhibin: ha ha octopus sister this kind of similar to our “face”. Takoyaki not only in today’s headlines on all kinds of media have their own original text, such as in music, such as youku platform release original review video. Video is medium of information dissemination, the lovers of science and technology about the weight and proportion of men is larger, with high levels of sister make marketing in appearance, in our opinion is a desirable. Science and technology takoyaki on the one hand is also in the influence to promote platform.

hunting cloud: what do you want to be the next shells net?

Xie Zhibin: what we do is a different Yu Guo shell network platform. At first wanted to build a use technology scene to share the daily life of the community, through sharing daily to attract users, the whole operation mode is slowly toward the direction of the electric business.

now tech community has enjoyed such focus on the sharing platform of science and technology, these communities for evaluating different product category are different. Takoyaki website of science and technology in comparison, combined with the late do electrical business ideas, with more than technology ingredients in it. Rich product category, talent resources, as well as focus on the interaction of community sectors, are takoyaki can fire the pitch of the entry point.

at site as a whole is divided into three modules: integral mall, daily hots, octopus community. In chapter points mall can be equivalent for fish balls into the corresponding technology products, daily hot offer the latest information technology, the most interesting octopus community covering 17 segmentation module, from mobile phones, tablet to life and travel. This broke the traditional community state of mixed segmentation module, the user can through their own points of interest Find the mood lose off soon.

takoyaki website launched in May this year, the early stage of the is given priority to with user and content accumulation, when all the indexes reach the expected value will be the key to the research and development on the App to launch.