still upset for lack of self-control? Intelligent anti interference startup eliminate network temptation for you

who can deny that various online temptations distract his attention, let the fact that they can’t concentrate on my work??

no matter when, online there are hundreds of thousands of video, Facebook status updates, circle of friends push messages and memes are to distract you from work. Therefore Saent should be formed, it is a smart one start-up, with a combination of hardware and software applications to improve the working efficiency of the user.

in essence, the Saent and is similar to other focus applications. Enabled in the application, the computer application will determine and block website and application of the “useless”, thus to improve the working efficiency of the user. But is commendable, Saent promoted itself with its unique hardware anti interference function.

the hardware device is a smaller than cup is a little plastic buttons, responsible for starting the bluetooth function. After users to install it on your desktop, press the button to start the “interference prevention work time”, the company is currently in design for Windows and Mac versions of the application. According to the needs of users, one time can be set to 30, 50 or 90 minutes, in one period of time, all the application of judgment for “bad work” other applications and websites will be blocked. In addition, the indicator light can prompt the user’s work schedule, when the job is finished, the lights will be full.

users after finished multiple interference prevention work time, application of the instrument panel will start accumulated points. User’s colleagues and friends to take over the rest of the work, or to count as indicators to race. The application of the software will be in the form of a report evaluating the performance of the user, for example, it can analyze the users work in one day during the lowest and highest efficiency. Saent company said that future versions of the software can analyze the user’s work habits, to personalized recommendation.

in the face of independent operation of the software and hardware parts, the founder of Saent, self-proclaimed intelligent expert Tim of Metz said hardware device is the key to success for a long time. He said: “if is only virtual applications, users are likely to ignore the remind of it. Only exists in the anti interference on the user’s mobile phone and computer application is easy to be ignored. But if the user’s eyes with the hardware device, they were reminded the effect is more prominent, and affect their behavior.”

the company in the near future are all applications for Saent Indiegogo raise. According to the Metz, hardware equipment and computer application is expected to be launched in November, while mobile applications will be slightly later. During the Indiegogo the raise, the equipment price is $39, then will rise to $49-69. Computer applications will use the free value-added purchase mode, the subsequent subscription fee will be $5 – $10 per month.


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