in the field of art collection show, led by CCTV “treasure”, over the years and get the crowd responded enthusiastically, to travel all over the country, Tibetan friend.

the founder of huaxia collection Xia Zhengping said, the future of China art market is to present the extreme trend of polarization, is a collection of high-end, with unique value attributes, millions or even hundreds of millions of auction price. The second is the collection of ordinary and give ordinary people can afford real collections. This is the Chinese collection is a way.

huaxia network core collection is the collection of web services platform. As a veteran art collection sites, 13 years after collection of an ancient name for China facing the biggest problem is filling in the market competition. Xia Zhengping told hunting cloud network: “we are and have been the most efficient way to build a filling and solid.”

online industry layout or offline, is “quick” quasi Xia Zhengping style. 13 years in the face of the mobile end sweeping trend, Xia Zhengping bought a do App team directly: “to build a team to build mobile terminal is difficult, direct purchase is a fast and efficient thing.”

in conversation Xia Zhengping mention two points:

is a collection gradually democratized. , for example: Beijing panjiayuan garage trading market, in the past on the table in the majority with puts handicraft class bottles, now in gem jewelry jade. Might be “age” of her coming to be bestowed favor on newly bracelet beads, but prices are not high women decorations do become the collection market consumption hot spots.

2 is art electronic trading market is increasing. the people thought idea’s transformation is recognized as one of the traditional industries, Xia Zhengping said the art collection of electronic transactions in 14 years less than 3%, the commodity is 8%. Is now developing the market, but the Internet trend leads, the collection of consumer goods will inevitably bring electronic trading market expansion.

art collection do vertical many trading platform, such as the Chinese collection network. Taobao also have a lot of electricity in channel sales. The true and false goods aside, compared to the taobao platform, huaxia commodity trading on collection of attraction? Xia Zhengping convective cloud network, said: “art is a very important attribute communication. Art collector has an attribute, this group is bought before the consultation, bargaining when buy, buy LiuDiao seems to be amusing to remind the heel. This exchange is very important, huaxia collection is a recessive community building. “On the platform have group is willing and has the ability to communicate with you, and can be developed for offline. This is what taobao does not have.”

to ensure open and fair, transparent, huaxia collection only do platform, mission is to collect and cultural inheritance. At ordinary times also organize offline activities, including curators merchants, wenbo, exhibitions. Platform characteristic “huaxia treasure group” is a team, such as “treasure”, has been to hangzhou, Shanghai, the city of ningbo, wuhan, target to all parts of the country. With CCTV “treasure hunt” is “huaxia treasure group” is a industrial chain loop, achieve treasure trade integration.