on July 23 (word/yan-mei wu)

“either read or travel, body and soul there is always one to be on the road”, many people are moved by the words, but on the road, the heart no country? Do travel advisory services in cocoa travel butler wants to become a foreign travelers rely on mind, online for free line outside users solve all problems that may occur in travel.

cocoa travel with 7 * 24 hours online service address where to play, how to go to, where to eat, how to order and miss someone when I take a shower no water and help me to call the front desk to complain more patchy but really need someone to help. In cocoa housekeeper cut travel market consulting, help do market excessive free line and self education overseas.

Zhao Yuxing founder of cocoa travel & amp; CEO who helped found travel, he believes that the current consulting business is each OTA in selling products to improve the quality of the products of the additional attributes. Such as ctrip micro manager, global roaming “ask the locals”, found that travel is also doing sales travel products based on large data line. Cocoa travel housekeeper to overseas free line for all users, do open consulting platform.

cocoa travel now to WeChat public entrance as a product, mainly for the freedom of southeast Asia line users, provide a schedule to remind, traffic query, restaurant menu translation and so on a series of artificial docking services, man-machine proportion is 9:1 namely human docking. This model is relatively heavy. When everyone in big data to complete the data docking, why cocoa travel remains to artificial docking?

Zhao Yuxing tell hunting cloud network, each big data is user dimension and the accumulation of human services. At the same time also can reduce the deviation in order to let people more dependent on users to escape. Sung-woo Jo share the story with hunting cloud network, a user in a hotel shower water, English and bad communication, through the backend team to help him make a phone call to the hotel front desk to solve this matter. “This is the power of the people”. The future cocoa housekeeper will pay more attention to the accumulation of standardized data in order to improve the reaction rate, gradually balance the man-machine proportion.

cocoa travel a lot of docking with the upstream OTA vendors and offline travel agency, the company transport for cocoa trip customer traffic, whereas cocoa travel provide a better service experience for its users, WinWin. The cocoa travel main current services in southeast Asia, the team will be in southeast Asia region information for artificial maintenance is regularly sent delegations to explore destination (of this work is pretty cool), to ensure the accuracy of the information.

on the business model, Zhao Yuxing said cocoa travel with free consultation, but the future will be to the service of OTA vendors and grafting for order of the top 10 restaurant business. Culture in the consulting business users rely products trading also logical transition to destination.

level at present, the cocoa travel has earned millions of angel investment, construction of concrete will be used for building and architecture.