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specializing K12 education please he taught recently won the 69.5 million yuan A round of funding, follow who won $50 million in A round of funding, valuation of $250 million. K12 online education development in full swing, and adult education online that seems to be no wind, no waves. hunting cloud network reported today in the classroom “clouds” is an adult education training institutions lighting SAAS service providers. products launched on June 10, currently has a Web client, mobile client will be launched in the near future.

clouds classroom training institutions to provide Internet business to an adult, make enterprise need not hiring technical personnel, without buying any hardware and software, after registration can build its own brand of lighting, complete the network teaching and training. Clouds classroom is the product and technology oriented, founder xu junming technology was born, was the founder suntech organization research and development center, has many years of experience in the education industry, also understand education agency business, know the needs of the education institutions and pain points.

in the field of adult training, in addition to suntech institutions such as large training institutions have technical strength from the outside, the majority of small and medium-sized training institutions don’t have the ability to set up operations independently, but they are also desperate to upgrade from face-to-face mode or extended to online education mode. This type of user is the clouds class as the main user groups.

their distribution in the second tier 3 cities, diverse category, different size, need through the information means to improve the efficiency of management, need to have online teaching platform into the field of online education, improve their market competitiveness. But at the same time have a lack of funding, technology dilettante pain points, etc. In other words, they are not enough to support enterprise informatization of capital and technology and the Internet.

clouds classroom training for this kind of small and medium-sized institutions provide complete online teaching online school service, enterprise register as a user, the clouds class account authentication information will automatically open services. Service including student enrolment fee system, the content of the online broadcast system, hd on demand system, face-to-face courses arrangement, basic resource management, etc. It is understood that the clouds classroom online less than a month of time, the service enterprise users to nearly 100 home.

clouds provide multiple versions of the service standards, including free service for small education institutions. Has the website has detailed service offer.

clouds classroom was recorded live in addition to providing basic services for the enterprise, and other forms of online courses online school system support, also provide offline courses registration and management agency CRM , course arranging system, etc. That is to say, the clouds class not only provide lighting services for training institutions, as well as its traditional face-to-face business information solutions.

, for example, many training institutions now encourage students to use to pay installment borrowing way, clouds class structures, lending management system for the agency fee in installment, the timely issue payment notice. Again, for example, face-to-face class in the classroom and the teacher resources is not stable, once the class information changes, it is difficult to inform students, classroom structures, fast notification information distribution system, the clouds can inform to thousands of students in a minute, largely avoid the change of teaching student complaints and refund.

, said xu junming clouds class provides free version online school is to cultivate market, SaaS services at this stage in domestic is still in the market cultivation stage, hunting cloud network previously reported enterprise SaaS service enjoy pin $one hundred million D round of dispute, this shows that the level of understanding and awareness of the users for SaaS service is gradually improved, believe the future SaaS services in China will gradually mature, service for the enterprise market space will be bigger and bigger.

clouds coming online version 2.0 will be the new increase the content of the question bank. And about earnings, xu junming tell hunting cloud network, product at present does not rely on basic service profit, so now the charge standard is only operating costs. Clouds in the future will be by offering more value-added services, help organization to reduce operating costs, improve the market competitiveness of ways to make a profit.