hunting cloud network previously reported cloud printing at a new product + financing conference today. Founder of the cloud printing & amp; CEO zhang disclosed that cloud print has obtained 50 million A round

cloud printing technology was founded in August 2013, according to zhang jun, China printing business CARDS, 1 million boxes a day the card’s output value of more than 10 billion each year. Cloud platform online 1 year time, has the service more than 100000 users, more than 100 million card printing. Cloud take root in the commercial printing industry, the construction of a heavy vertical O2O platform, front-end for small and medium-sized enterprise customers with a more standardized printing service; Backend YinChang provide more orders, raising the level of productivity and operation management in printing field.

zhang said: “we are in severe vertical Internet + traditional printing and packaging industry, the industry market scale trillions, cloud print long-term goal is to become” ctrip “in the field of commercial printing and packaging, by constructing efficient platform system, connecting enterprise users and traditional offline factory.”

cloud on the conference put forward a new “business card” series of products and services. This is mainly based on in the past year time, found some problems in the exploration of the industry:

1. At present the national terminal market, price is not transparent, low product quality use inferior ink, paper, steal grams, and auxiliary materials, serious problems such as color, no files of production and transmission of professional tools, wrong printing, printing and file information leak privacy problem, this is the biggest pain points in the user.

2. The user needs and user understand to the printing industry information asymmetry, users don’t understand the professional knowledge of printing, the printing industry for user needs to read clearly. In addition, the traditional offline printing shop to a lack of sense of design, serious homogeneity.

3. The cost is high, middle progressively lower quality, the manufacturers can only rely on compression cost to make a profit.

and based on the above problems, cloud print “business CARDS” as the breakthrough point, for the user to solve the above problems, the cloud printing in the way of the Internet to redefine the “new” card. Cloud print two series: “new” card – desk standing high quality business card, 300 g quality classic coated paper be dumb membrane; PRO – “new” card card texture, USES the white cloth, the Netherlands, just old paper three kinds of high-end specialty paper.

so cloud print today issued a “new” card series, specific to where?

1. From the global more than 1000 kinds of pattern, after repeated sampling test, visiting more than 100 printing and technology experts, finally selected four kinds of classic papers.

2. The size of design for the 90 mm * 54 mm golden ratio, at the same time cloud print custom design team.

3. Cloud material library, permanent storage, easy to modify, along with it, at the same time, advanced encryption algorithm, effectively guarantee the data privacy and security.

4. Support 24 hours online order service, you can SMS, email, website, micro public letter number to track the status of orders.

5. A full range of logistics solutions, aiming at the condition of the same orders need to distribute multiple locations, cloud developed professional distribution system, support the order distribution throughout the country.

about cloud print two of the above mentioned “new” the price of the card, a box of business CARDS “new” (100) only 8 yuan, 3.8 yuan per increase a box; “New” card PRO two boxes (200) only 26.8 yuan, 5.8 yuan per increase a box.

the domestic printing trillions of market size, but because the market price competition has been low, big batch production, competition, low profits, do not take the capital market, the traditional printing industry facing reshuffle. O2O zhang thinks that the traditional printing and packaging industry is a closed loop, the first O is the closed-loop business services, the second O is a closed loop of consumption experience. Zhang jun, adhere to the layman’s way of play, the expert experience, integration of cross-border team, cross-border integration can bring new value to the traditional value chain.

although there exist some problems in the domestic printing industry, but the small card big market, the user is a big demand for this. In foreign countries, large printing companies have been around for years, such as Japan Toms, Canada Gildan company, fabric printing companies in the United States, etc. And the printing is just need to, as emerging printing, cross-border management of marketing, plus printing itself media properties, printing industry gradually by capital value is understandable.