believes that many people like to take. But when you’re good gay friend, good girlfriends removed because the new work, or your boyfriend went to another university, how to break?

this time apply the was born a new self-time, let all friends can “get together”, to take a romantic real-time synchronization. It is Picpal!

everyone at the same time the application can be taken from the photos into a collage. No matter where you spread in the world, the use of Picpal, you can invite up to three friends with you. They will have 15 minutes to respond to your invitation, and then give you take issue as before. You can use the built-in tools to remake or editor, if you want to deserve to go up words, then match!!!! The application will you all the photos on your mobile phone into a collage, it will appear on your Picpal “gallery”. Each a collage includes you and your friends from the photos, can be Shared to Facebook, sets and WhatsApp.

global applications

Picpal consists of a start-up called Myndbee research and development. The company is headquartered in California, but it is co., LTD., registered in bangalore, India. Team is made up of 12 people, all of the 12 people don’t office in California, but distributed in the United States and India.

the company staff, said Picpal simplifies remote synchronization autodyne program, otherwise will need to collaborate on three separate application: the application of a similar WeChat, used to invite friends and share photos; A camera application to take; Also a collage making software.

Myndbee by serial entrepreneur Rajesh Srivathsa and Mahesh Rajagopalan. Srivathsa is electronic engineer, with a doctorate from the university of Illinois. Before becoming Myndbee’s co-founder, Srivathsa is India VCS Ojas Venture Partners, founder and managing partner, before entering the business circle worked in several fortune 100 companies.

Rajagopalan, graduated from the Indian institute of technology Bombay campus, after the university of Pennsylvania’s Wharton school of business MBA degree. He have years of experience in product development and management, he was famous Verizon wireless communications company in the United States. At the same time, he is also a Resolvity, co-founder and chief executive officer of Resolvity headquartered in irving, Texas, is a company to provide voice recognition and human-computer interaction based on cloud computing technology of the company.

how they put the eyes from the diverse serious things, to take on?

about a year ago, the two men launched a chat application called “Diffr”. Srivathsa said: “unlike other chat application, you can only choose real-name or anonymous logins. In Diffr, the user can free to switch their identity in the process of chat, they can be real name, anonymous, even in the name of a friend a spoof.” But they decided to give up this app recently, because it has never been truly successful, but just because these initial efforts finally accomplished Picpal.

hd photo sharing space

at the end of march, Picpal in iOS beta, expects to receive early market feedback. Then, Myndbee company began to improve the user experience of the App. Within the first week of June, the application of the full version is launched, has launched a version of ios and Android version.

last month, the company received $2.5 million seed round of financing, the investor for Singapore company Nadathur Technologies. The money was used to carry out the marketing and product development. Now Picpal two founders started in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand recruiting employees, is trying to do big market.

Picpal main business and Snapchat, sets a coincidence, but is not directly competing with them. In some ways, it’s a bit like Candidly to take together with graffiti, text. Similarly, Candidly and by India’s research and development of a company.

Picpal basically can compete with any application of autodyne. Take world never lacks to application, so let’s take it down happily!


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