on July 27 (word/marian)

the development of smart phones and mobile Internet, brought the infinite vitality to the App, people seem to have become accustomed to on the phone’s screen was mixed with the App icon. But now the App doesn’t seem to how to “friendly”, download is prone to a few megabytes, had just finished downloading and prompt to update, do not take care to mobile phone memory also reminded. One thousand mobile phone is lost, all return to zero, even if the iPhone can be up to restore, the time required, however, is not short.

Ding Zai network team captured the market pain points, developed the “click”. Ding Zai network CEO huangpu told hunting cloud network, “along with the development of Internet, more things should be in the cloud, local only as a carrier.” Check it, is a cloud application aggregation distribution platform, based on the technology of HTML 5 June 2015, officially launched, two versions with iOS and Android. Through the closed beta period accumulation of user, at present has reached hundreds of thousands of “click” the number of users.

unlike native APP to APP store download and install, in the “click”, the user just point, can realize the free download, free installation, free update “, quickly and easily use a variety of applications or play games. “Click” have already collected thousands of App, mainly for some new App. Huangpu told cloud network hunting. “check it included some common or not often installed App, not at least 80%. We need to do is a supplement to the entrance, to distinguish from the traditional app store.” APP developers can also apply online through the “click” open platform, can be free after approved.

in 2012, the world of HTML 5 boom soon spread to China; In 2013, baidu was the first to put forward the concept of “light”, then the web app and argument between native app, the “it” has dropped a bomb to the mobile Internet field. The H5 based App distribution platform and many, such as flash light, light cloud desktop, AC application, mobile light applications, gathering, etc. The Android version of “click” pattern, and these applications by clicking, App icon will be automatically added to the desktop, the points in the box. But the iOS version wants to be the user’s “second desktop”. After a user clicks on the App icon will add on the “click” on the desktop instead of native desktop, in addition to change the wallpaper can be realized, add personal information, manage cloud applications, search content such as traditional desktop experience, which is its characteristic.

the Internet is the business flow. Now, click on the profit mainly through the network traffic and also divided into provided by the game developers. Huangpu told hunting cloud network: “at this stage we don’t value profit on this, we do platform, or accumulation of user in the first place.” In the future, “click” will focus on cultivating a batch of seeds on the user, huangpu said.

compared with native App, for now the cloud application in such aspects as fluency is less sure. In addition, the user through the App store to download the habit of native App is not able to change overnight. Huangpu said: “at this stage, make large-scale users accept this kind of product and the difficulty. This need running-in between the entire industrial chain and the user, we have to do is and developers, tech companies improve mutual cooperation, to improve the user experience.”

cloud network think hunting, with the mature of H5 technology, the future of H5 implement running effect is the same as the native APP is possible. User for the acceptance of the cloud applications will also be increased gradually. Under the wave of mobile Internet, the application from the local to move to the cloud, mobile phone “to return to the 20”, it will be a future trend.

financing ways, the plan in August for the “click” angel financing.