B: supply chain distribution first platform – “cloud” announced that tens of millions of dollars has been completed grade B round, led by sequoia capital, A round of all investors to vote (matrix partners, GSR ventures and huge capital), to follow as the sole financial advisor. Cloud bird co-founder and COO dirmtrijevic n said that this round of financing in addition to supporting urban expansion, the bird will be mainly used for strengthening cloud service soft power, the offline service part of the logistics to be more perfect.

cloud bird resources of transport capacity by integrating mass social enterprise distribution requirements and social capacity matching precision, with online bidding, high-quality drivers, precise matching, the cloud bird screen monitoring, field control, 5 million compensation fund and other unique city service pattern, the rapid expansion, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, tianjin, nanjing and hangzhou seven cities, by the end of this year will be expanded to 20 cities in the country.

according to introducing, cloud bird platform has more than 30000 professional drivers, distribution models from the initial jinbei, bread extend to large van, refrigerated vehicles, corporate clients cover 70% of the O2O physical distribution companies. Service clients including not only food, food and beverage, fruit fresh, FMCG, major appliances and household building materials, auto parts and other O2O O2O enterprises and traditional transformation.

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