July 22 (word/jing-jing fan)

life, originally should have their own small tone, those little interest in beer and skittles, is the “best” flavor.

focus on local characteristic lifestyle recommended best App, in recently announced by the fashion media group 10 million angels. Founder Wang Qing recently in an interview with hunting cloud network revealed marriage App changes direction: tonal purchasing function, and the city ranking selection of a better life, in order to give the user more convenient life taste and tone.

tone, is the “city better life”

the fan magazines and wind, recommend some good place to play and eat, as if is now main local life service unified standard of the products. Best App, in contrast, more like a “spiritual life” the discovery of platform, the main of the concept of “life” at the same time, the pursuit of his tone has a nearly perfect. In general, marriage is an App based on those feelings, Ethan shop found that as the basic train of thought, as the core city layout for global competition, solve social emerging mainstream consumer group and the mobile Internet needs to purchase of the younger generation, the App to help merchants to alleviate the pressure of the promotion and marketing. Founder Wang Qing defines it as “city better life”.

the best App circles, you can see it recommended a variety of cafes, full of the flavor of literature and art theater, Livehouse, oil painting class, hand made, the tea ceremony hall… For your wanton killing serenity of fine, of course, there are about 30% of the selected private kitchen is recommended, but is tonal, little lampblack. Wang Qing tell hunting cloud network, lives the App as a better life for the city service, hope can through own offline team and a good businessman union, carefully selected for the user and recommend interesting shop with people, you will find that the shop has its own tonal, the pure and fresh, but the very life emotional appeal.

in addition, the best App is now resources cooperation with investors fashion group. Joint fashion media, baidu index, micro letter from the media, the powerful advantages of other authoritative media resources, to launch “a better life ranking selection”, “the shopkeeper city development conference”, and “fans feelings music festival” brand three landing activities. At present, the list of “city better life” is under way, emphatically recommended optimization characteristic shops in the vertical category, form the Top100 recommended list, such as the “top 100” chengdu art coffee, etc.

the van son O2O, the crowdsourcing model to produce high quality PGC content

as a literary full-on App, marriage insist on quality first, the main use of PGC content crowdsourcing model production. Content structure comes from: promotional material provided by the merchants studio, a staff writer or organization’s exploration and contribution, more it is worth mentioning, especially in the nationwide recruitment 120 good life experience, special agent shop feeds. These graphic data, after marriage App network content editing team review will summarize for unified style, finally presented to the user the content of the pure and fresh and beautiful.

in addition, Wang Qing also revealed that, in order to guarantee the quality of the content and aesthetics, ensure that the user’s retained degrees and can share, team will also regularly for “life experience” delete selected. Wang Qing also tell hunting cloud network, since officially launched in April this year, the platform has collected more than 3000 stores users reached 120000, 8% of daily living, covering 15 cities at home and abroad.

these “tonal” store audit standard is:

1, the shopkeeper whether open weibo, micro letter, whether to have spread awareness

2, offline team on-site visit display visual shock and space layout of beauty

3, bearing activities inside the store, and course whether interesting

4, refer to part a reflection of social media

in addition, the best App in the future will spend more energy to store audit and quality content recommendation, every three to six months to shop for a check. Will be more interesting and fun person to recommend to the user, find particularly in unfamiliar place, find resonance in strange places.

flavor, “tonal”

marriage App is now trying to join the purchasing function, are currently focused on chengdu to pilot, play, travel, hand made, etc., can be bought on the platform. Items and the activities of “little shop have tonal can be used to sell, and has a corresponding to the customers”, Wang Qing hope in terms of content and the user to do a certain scale, ability of users to income, and said, “will officially promoted” in October. Advance will be from the legend, tea ceremony, flower art, Livehouse four vertical industry.

2.0 version of the best App is “low”, the user can’t comment, Wang Qing, said the next version will be adding more social and services, such as P2P localization urban travel services, let users more profound experience of urban life. Team reported that there are 26 people, distribution around chengdu, Beijing, founder and CEO Wang Qing, is also a participation and started a business meeting senior “activists” O2O platform.