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there is a problem on zhihu is “no dignity when they pay the money?” , thumb up top answer only one word: student driver. Seem to learn about people experience is not so good, student driver has become the social hot issues.

according to the network data show that domestic driving exam every year in more than 25 million, the number of large-scale examination as the crowd, spawned various cost, bribe giving wind, driving power, and many other phenomenon.

training car race founder told cloud network hunting, j., now not only students hard learning a car, driving school recruitment of students also want to spend a lot of cost and energy. He and his team was based on the coach and students both sides of the market demand, set up training car race this focus on driving training professional platform, hope to be able to use mobile to change driving exam training, the traditional industry to enable the industry to fairer, more transparent, more standardized.

j and his team before the main outsourcing service project to do, probably in May 2014 when the idea of doing driving exam training platform developed, in September 2014 set up the car race, in May this year the product is launched. Breaking the car race at present is mainly through the website and micro letter service to run. Website, including enterprise, test network, and community and WeChat service number is divided into coach edition and version of the two versions.

trainer attaches great importance to the students of every stage. Driving school coach and students can be free in the bus, coach of the information is true, and open. For coach, they can be released at the training free online recruitment information. For students, they can by looking at the data, choose their coach.

in learning and examination stage, the students can be in the car race training examination online course and a course of four simulation exercises, coach can provide students with a student driver programs and courses. At the same time, the car race in collaboration with the examination room, the student can be done directly on the platform of simulation test and formal test appointment booking, reduce the time waiting in line.

tell hunting cloud network, j., breaking the car not only attaches importance to students’ needs, the family also attaches great importance to the driving requirements. Breaking car race in providing students with registration for the low price at the same time, will not diminish driving profit space, and just take a small amount of commission, more possible to protect the interests of the driving school.

business model, j think now car race training involves only the front end of the car industry, focus on driving training services. In driving training industry for entrance, breaking car race will make driving training, sale, after service of a complete industrial chain, this will also be training with the biggest difference between other competitors.

the current domestic there are a lot of driving training platform, such as brought China drive, driving first whiff and driving exam ball, etc. Compared with the competing goods, car race on the platform can directly get training examination appointment and independent about test model is unique, but as the platform of the start-up, did not have enough areas covered by breaking the car race.

cloud network hunting, breaking car race’s long-term goal is to build the national driving exam training professional platform, is now with chengdu, suining, mianyang, panzhihua, etc of the examination room. Now has more than 1000 coaches in the car race, breaking the car race micro letter more than twenty thousand users, every day more than 60 single order to clinch a deal. Now has launched an angel round financing plan.

the power driving school is a hard student driver is an important reason, as the country for driving test training industry reform and independent test about policy, this phenomenon will be improved, this for driving test training platform is also a very good opportunity. The author thinks that, driving training platform to do not only use low prices to attract customers, more important is to provide students with more convenient service, becomes a bridge between students and close contact between driving school. For the vehicle race’s performance, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.

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