the data shows, at present there are more than 60% of China’s private premium car owners have the habit of to make car beauty maintenance, more than 30% of the low-standard cars began to form car beauty maintenance concept, according to experts predict that in the next three to five years, Chinese car ownership will grow 4 to 6 times, car beauty maintenance service consumption will become a daily consumption. “Chong yi · car life” is the car O2O door-to-door beauty platform based on this.

“chong yi, car life” focus car back-end services, is committed to the pace of life faster, less free time, high quality requirement of community or office customers wash the car, beauty, automotive supplies, touch-up insurance one-stop door-to-door service, aims to build a car housekeeper type service platform. Lai Dehong founder, “chong yi car life”, combined with the car wash after waiting time is too long, hairdressing and maintenance experience, in 2013 started to build one for chengdu area owner’s portable car wash car ownership O2O platform.

in December 2013, “chong yi · car life” micro letter public official launch. At present, the owner can pass WeChat public and 400 call center to make an appointment to come beauty maintenance services. So far, “chong yi, car life” has the user members of more than 6000 people, the price on the basis of service projects, ranging from 79-699 yuan. According to Lai Dehong, “chong yi, car life” team currently has 17 people, including 14 charge of construction.

although flagship car hairdressing business, “chong yi, car life” of the door also attaches great importance to the car wash service. Different from current door-to-door car use way of “water washing”, more Lai Dehong mobile group independent research and development of 220 v power supply, can easily drive more than 2000 w cleaning machine, polishing machine, vacuum cleaners, etc., using equal to to shop car wash service standards, improve the user experience.

in addition, cloud network hunting understands, “chong yi · car life” service to the customer incoming – order acceptance – customer service sent single – site construction – quality review five core link, in order to effectively control construction quality. Lai Dehong stressed that the security door to door service quality is the first step. “At present, chong yi car life, 60% female owners, users and the quality of the car on the high side in the end, to fully open the class group market space, word-of-mouth is crucial.”

and for business promotion, Lai Dehong attach more importance to “chong yi · car life” online channels construction. Online and chengdu area influential media, such as the chengdu police WeChat public number, guest will make cooperation, chengdu life such as platform, and with China construction bank, China merchants bank credit card center to establish deep cooperation, targeted to launch a favourable activity. Offline through cooperation with wowo institutions such as supermarket, sale service.

competing goods, door-to-door service for auto market after the project is springing up, such as washing, e specially provide door to door service with the washing and so on are all typical O2O mode. For auto after market, Lai Dehong has their own opinion, “after the car market is not a pure Internet products, need to offline platform, and pure door-to-door car wash low barriers to entry, for users, easy to form which is cheap to find out which situations. Gen yi? Car life wants to develop a rational and willing to pay the corresponding compensation for the value of service consumers. “

Lai Dehong admits, car beauty, after all, is not the owner just need washing is the owner of high frequency and the rigid demand, single do door-to-door car beauty is not the best choice. The next step will be the main community construction, combining the door-to-door service with the community to store service, extend O2O development model. According to hunting cloud network understanding, “chong yi, car life” has now been completed in all member user raise two community shops construction funds, the official launch of construction plan.