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watches to sports bracelet to smart watches, intelligent wearable devices offensive and focus on your wrist. Will refine wearable devices in the field of children, is a piece of blue ocean. The June 1 children’s day this year, 360 issued three generations of children’s guardians hunting cloud network also watches in recently compiled some of the children’s intelligence, facilitate everybody comparison choice. You might say the children’s day has past, designs the Tucson, father’s day will soon come.

table asked me which day, father’s day is not today anyway. Just silently waiting for, your “bear children” remember say to you “happy father’s day”, “dad I love you”. If you heard, then let’s give him pick a watch, intelligent, prevent losing position. If you don’t hear, and don’t doubt “next to Lao wang”, along with the development of science and technology, it is not.

the following in no particular order, only supplies the reference:

1.360 children’s guardians three generations

compared with the former two generations, the great progress in many aspects, mainly has the following functions: full hd communication, real-time dynamic positioning, “bluetooth later”, “security zone” function, can also be remote shutdown on the client. than a generation products need to mobile phone built-in SIM card top-up, three generations of users need to be dealt with to buy a SIM card and package, their SIM card expenses. Built in 500 mah capacity density, gel polymer lithium-ion batteries, priced at 399 yuan, is still in beta.

2. Wei xiaobao children smart watches

who formerly 360 children guards of the small treasure, in the subsequent product improvement, Zhou Hongyi and exquisite technology, chairman of guo-guang shao produced differences, guo-guang shao with many years experience in the communications industry, research and development to create can call positioning of children’s watch brand, wei xiaobao. Wei xiaobao a two-way conversation, affection directory, dual-mode positioning, real-time trajectory, the cloud data forever, is a key for help and so on. Battery capacity is 600 mah, sells for 600 yuan, jingdong, Tmall available, etc.

3. Tencent stewards children

children stewards look very Q, equipped with a 0.68 inch OLED display , products based on micro letter, in addition to put SIM card into the machines to realize GPS indoor positioning, also can realize electronic fence, parents accompanying apart (alarm), environmental monitoring, remote shutdown and alarm functions such as a key, you also can do a pedometer and trajectory tracking equipment use. Built-in 400 mah battery, priced at 318 yuan, jingdong, Tmall available, etc.

4. Sugar cat children chaoneng watches

sugar cats are sogou launched a product, the product has several functions: voice intercom, location, dynamic, body feeling game (containing a variety of game characters, baby can interact with home the body feeling by the movements of the arms), speaking (finger touch screen center can arouse speaking, since the childhood train baby’s concept of time) . The built-in 400 mah gel polymer lithium ion rechargeable batteries, price 498 yuan, jingdong, days are available at cats.

5. Abba town children smart watches

o the town watch children intelligence with precise GPS satellite positioning and LBS base station positioning services, electronic fence function, etc. In addition, the , town children smart watches external SIM card slot, anti-shedding alarm and collision warning is the bright spot. watch battery capacity is 450 mah, the third generation watch sells for 799 yuan, jingdong, days are available at cats.

6., TORO intelligent children watch

, TORO intelligent children watch features include two-way conversations, voice intercom, a key for help, GPS positioning, and other functions. in order to cooperate with the child’s work and rest time, turow TORO intelligent children watch provides five kinds of situation model. user according to the child’s life habit, set different protection modes such as time, including monitoring mode, free of interference pattern, sleep mode, etc. Watches in different mode, different use function. Built-in 450 mah lithium-ion polymer battery with high density, price 175-175 yuan, jingdong is available on the raised platform.

7. Little genius phone watches


a little genius watches in the most intuitive function point “call” the name of increased body feeling answer, automatic answer and class disable, etc. watch external Nano SIM card, price 798 yuan, jingdong, Tmall available, etc.

8. Positioning ba-ba bear children watch

ba-ba bear children watch is a high precision positioning intelligent children watch display type, can be provided in case of an emergency location trajectory and SOS distress alarm function. This is currently on the market only a child without a SIM card positioning watches products, its built-in CDMA card, let the children away from the GSM radiation threat, green health. Similar products on the market after buying every month should pay certain communication expense, a purchase this product, no need to pay the service fee. ba-ba bear sells for 396 yuan, jingdong, days are available at cats.

9. 咘 melon parent-child smart watches

咘 melon smart watches the appearance of the adopted based on the unique shape of children’s interest. in terms of function, has a parent-child intercom, intelligent positioning, as I, witness grow, a key for help, remote listening, security fence, the practical function such as family session. Support GPS with multiple positioning the base station, let parents anywhere at any time to grasp the status of the children. 咘 melon parents watch the built-in 470 mah battery, standby time for 30 hours. Priced at 499 yuan, jingdong, days are available at cats.

10. LG smart children watch GizmoPal

GizmoPal smart watch function is relatively simple: answering the call, check the position. Can also add a nanny and contacts in the application, after adding a “nanny”, the latter can also get to see the child position and conduct calls with permissions, and after adding a “contact”, the latter can only talk with children, and can’t see its location. equipped with 400 mah battery, bare machine sells for $79.99 (RMB 491), open data network requires an additional payment of $5 a month.

11. Positioning sugar domestic locator

positioning of sugar is barely “watches”, because the it can be put in with the product matching bracelet, also can don’t alone on the clothes or pocket. features dual mode orientation, track record and a key SOS, automatic tracking mode, upload, etc. Positioning sugar gel battery built-in 300 mah, priced at 299 yuan, jingdong, Tmall available, etc.