children is an internet-based thinking of music education O2O information service platform, users can register online tutor, offline music teaching activities, and provide door-to-door teaching services. In August 2014 in WeChat public number online, the App will come out in December.

under the trend of Internet + of + Internet education has also become entrepreneurs very wonderful areas, hunting cloud network of previously reported “” “” is testing the waters of O2O education industry, and in its vertical niche, music education O2O also unusually hot, many in traditional music education institutions from offline to online, hunting cloud network reported today “children” is from the traditional music education institutions change, become a new member of the army of the Internet.

“children” founder Tan Yuyu learning music since childhood, in the memory of her childhood, learning music is not a happy thing, when the other children to play entertainment, she is under the parents “forced” laboured at music, so, there is a problem has been lingering in her mind, how to break the traditional music education of monotonous and boring, is there a let all children can learn music, the music in the way to be happy?

the problem didn’t get a preliminary until university Tan Yuyu answers. During the period of university, Tan Yuyu contact the orff music teaching method, “resorting to the perceptual, return to humanism” is its basic idea. Orff music teaching method broke the traditional music teaching mode, stimulate the students’ ability to improvise, let the students and their parents get rid of the burden of distinction, enjoy the beautiful music really.

Tan Yuyu tell hunting cloud network, she founded in 2011, the music education institutions, orff music teaching method is adopted to improve the teaching, then only the traditional model of phase, it is because of the accumulation of the stage, to make the children have a batch of faithful seed user groups. In the second phase of development, children put on the cloak of the Internet, using the Internet to line the fragmentation of music teachers resources and have music education needs of students’ parents.

children using proprietary + platform model, proprietary is a part of the full-time teachers, and others provide platform for offline fragmentation of teacher resources. Tan Yuyu said that the first step in children will gives prominence to the connect user and teacher resources and matching function, the next step will be charged to the teacher’s training fees and service charges. Children there are two offline experience shops, already had more than 1000 members, whose rate is 70% ~ 85%, is getting ready for the opening of two new stores in August month attendance is expected in 6000 to 7000.

children course is not in accordance with the professional, but according to age. Students main user groups of 0 ~ 14 years old children, has now courses in music prenatal education for pregnant women, infants and young children aged 0 to 3 music of early childhood curriculum, and 3 years of age or older children music course of enlightenment, mainly music for babies basic knowledge and the cultivation of music quality education, the development, release their potential. The children of 1 ~ 3 years of newborn babies and their parents to provide door-to-door service in teaching.

music education O2O pain points mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the compatibility problem of teachers and students; Second is widely concerned for the teaching quality. Tan Yuyu said that about the compatibility, children will soon launch the App will easily solve the problem, because C end customer clearly what kind of teacher, they want at the same time, offline store experience to the user guide and evaluation, according to the specific situation of the students with the professional education plan and education planning; About the quality of teaching, all teachers to children platforms online inn after strict training, and platforms for teachers’ basic skills assessment, Tan Yuyu said that children will provide private customised analysis for C end customers, according to user requirements to determine the content of the assessment for B side teachers, and teachers’ professional and grade classification, ensure the quality of teaching.

in the future development of children do newborn babies or children’s early education, not only will gradually expand youth musical instrument or dance training, children want to do is to cultivate children’s music quality, three-dimensional accurate to the child’s ear, the scope of services in jinan, shandong province will gradually enter the next step of the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou music education market.

children mainly has three big profit, the first course fee for offline customers, register online teachers assess training expenses; Second self-built theatre for the lease; Thirdly for the sales of proprietary instrument.

children belong to the shandong children education consulting co., LTD., the company was founded in June 2011, the current team is less than 40 people, founder Tan Yuyu has many years music education experience, the project has not been financing, expected to melt 2 million yuan of angel, is mainly used in the two aspects of the Internet technology development and marketing.