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today, drops quickly announced its generation drive business is launched, it also heralds the drops quickly after the merger, strategic layout in the field of mobile travel gradually clear. Original taxi, car, express business, plus a lift, drops riding buses and the generation of the launch services, a comprehensive travel platform prototype is now gradually.

combined full of sense of crisis, there is no time for their honeymoon

drops quickly, chairman and CEO chengwei, said at the scene generation drive is the fifth product drops quickly, launch a new product every two months, all the way full of sense of crisis. He also admitted that drops quickly flash marriage, no time for their honeymoon, urged drops every a fierce competition in the field of the rapid development of fast.

today drops generation driving in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other 10 cities first, before the end of August will be opened in chengdu, changchun, xiamen and other 15 cities, is expected by the end of the year, the city will be more than 100 service coverage.

according to the official driver information registration since mid-june, so far, the country has more than 1 million drivers in drops generation driving registered information platform. By drops generation driven by single driver, before the formal orders are required to pass through the strict interview, road test, training and test, and learning is the software process and service standards.

“night bus” to help the driver return

drops fast generation of driving division general manager Mr Fu said, “drops generation drive” in the industry pioneered a dynamic intelligent scheduling system based on large data set. After owner to send orders, the system will quickly in the background to the driver portrait, traffic information for big data analysis, in the shortest time for the owners select the matching driver.

in order to help the driver to solve the problem of return, drops generation drive to develop the function of “return” together. The driver at the end of an order, open the function can quickly find the surrounding companions, meet return and split the fare. Drops quickly said, generation of driving drops will try in the city the first generation of driving demand “nocturnal bus service, provide convenient return for free for drops generation of drivers.

billing, drops generation driving take “fare + kilometers fees” way of billing. At different times of the fare include 10 km mileage, after more than 10 km mileage charge a fixed fee. In Beijing, for example, at 6 o ‘clock in the morning to the evening 22 points, will start at $36, 10 km after more than 10 km per charge 20 yuan. In addition, the drops on the generation of driving each order has a maximum 3 million yuan of generation of danger of responsibility of driving platform.

, according to the generation of driving market trading scale is expected to reach 2.69 billion yuan. Generation of less than 1/20 of China’s population, it is driving the market scale is as high as 25 billion yuan. China, by contrast, riding generation services of permeability is very low, and only focus on wine offspring driving, commerce, tourism, generation car niche markets such as the generation after drive has not yet been potentials.