YinWenLei daughter’s name is little sprout, son of wool. Printing small sprout is would only sell MOE samoyeds, chatting online App store of pure yarn is recently in social products.

after the market space of preemption in recent years, in the existing social products industry order and rules of the game, everyone is trying to set up their own defense position. The wool chatting with pure expression social card, want to be a different strategy may be logical to complete a kind of value innovation.

in the red sea border break blue ocean industry? Chat wool to acquaintances from social to cut it first.

although acquaintances are WeChat a dominant social field. But WeChat positioning popularization, unable to be implemented to meet demand for personalized. Chat wool targeting social niche is 10 to 20 years old. On the social expression type market, YinWenLei mentioned in two points: talk to hunt the cloud

1. The popularization of social products is to use more words voice + + expression/pictures, etc. Compared with the single social products on the market of emotional expression, chat yarn hope you can return to the nature of human communication, to accept a “flat narrative, free chat” state. Through communicate oneself more real and pure expression platform, rich demand directly.

2. After the main audience of 95. Expression can be used as a language, may not perform extremely efficient communication, but by the kernel interspersed fun is the pursuit of the ages. “Don’t want to be with their parents and even grandparents use social tools. Not enough.” “Expression chat parents discovered by the teacher, they also look not to understand.” This is similar to weibo recently very fire “pupil wars” way of thinking, given to develop the personalized market space.

pure expression actually social domestic haven’t similar products online, there are two products abroad is Emojicate and emojli emojli when has not been launched 17000 expression has been booked on the twitter account, the first day of the launch of more than 70000 registered users, after half a year still has a higher product activity.

“it is a large and ductibility product.” YinWenLei told hunting cloud: “we can complete expression around this one theme radioactive function innovation.” Now in the App store yarn is a beta version of the chat, team pushing version 2.0 is expected to be launched in one to two months. When the products will be completed version of the update, subsequent through constant iterative optimization experience.

at present about the expression of wool has created new keyboard, combining movement, voice, self-control, according to Chinese language habits to develop joint expression library. The future will be combined with the function of speech system, search system, development of relevant games, make communication with the local characteristics share community. Will also through the combination of offline activities to carry out, make original surrounding to enhance copy form of barriers.

in the mainstream social product LINE income reached $70 million, accounting for over 30% of the total. Chat wool business model is divided into three large games, advertising, value-added services.

when it comes to set up about the cause of the yarn, YinWenLei smile: “during my college is north institute of warcraft war3 the captain of the team, we will be published mood to chat while playing games. I invented a lot of performing words in circles. In may last year have this idea, do you want to be a real thing.”

team 7 people at present, with many years relative working experience in the Internet. At present, the company is in the stage of Pre – A round of funding.